Your Village Peeps – A Quest To Find The Next Supergroup At Perth Fringe World

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'Your Village Peeps' 'Your Village Peeps'

You've never seen The Village People quite like this.

'Your Village Peeps', presented by Perth-based theatre maker Drew Anthony, parodies the iconic talent show genre of television, handing it over to the audience to decide who will play the six iconic characters of the supergroup. Auditioning finalists will vie for the adoration of these audiences in a high-energy show each night.

The show has existed in the mind of Drew Anthony for quite some time.

“I wrote 'Your Village Peeps' 15 years ago just as the TV talent show genre was blossoming,” he describes. “We had 'Australian Idol', 'Dancing With The Stars', 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'Australia’s Got Talent' and I thought it would be fun to create a parody of those shows which gave a fun performance opportunity to some super talented people and a great theatre experience for audiences who get to interact with the show by choosing the winners at the end of each and every performance.”

“The show mirrors what a live TV broadcast is like for the studio audience.”

Drew's life-long love for the iconic Village People fuelled the creation of the production.

“I have been obsessed with the Village People for a very long time. I used to dress up and dance around the house to most of their classic songs. At the moment I love 'Macho Man'. I’m not sure why. Oh, and ‘I Am What I Am’ which I think is, lyrically, the essence of who the Village People are and what they were created to represent.”

Speaking of music, audiences can certainly expect an evening jam-packed with some of the greatest pop songs of the late 1970s, along with, of course, the catalogue of iconic Village People hits – 'Macho Man', 'YMCA', 'In The Navy', 'Go West', 'Can't Stop The Music' and 'I Am What I Am'.

The cast of 'Your Village Peeps' is made up of Perth-based performers with a very particular set of skills. These skills (whether they be singing or dancing, their choice) are put to use as they fight to secure a spot in the final group. . . It all comes down to the audience.

“All of these ‘finalists’ have to be charismatic, charming and confident in their own ability and I’ve written the show so that the audience gets to know a little about each of them along the way, making it easier to connect with them before having to cast their vote,” Drew explains. “I have previously worked with a lot of these ‘finalists’ and some of them I have known about but never had the chance to work with. I am passionate about assembling casts of highly talented people who are also generous of spirit. I was lucky that they all agreed to join the cast and bring this fun and entertaining concept to life with me.”

“It’s a unique and immersive experience for the audience who hold the show’s outcome in their hands.”

'Your Village Peeps' plays Air Nightclub every Sunday from 16 January-13 February, as well as 25 January and 3-4 February (Fringe World).



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