Würst Brisbane Review @ Wonderland Festival

  • Written by  Elodie Boal
  • Tuesday, 28 November 2017 09:38
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'Würst', part of Brisbane Powerhouse's Wonderland Festival. 'Würst', part of Brisbane Powerhouse's Wonderland Festival.

Jacqueline Furey presented her sizzling striptease, ‘Würst’, as part of Wonderland Festival.

An evening of burlesque, cabaret and comedy, this smorgasbord of delights ensured that all diets were tended to.

With gorgeous men and out-there performances, ‘Würst’ catered for the masses – with some cheek for both women and men (pun intended).

‘Wurst’ is a whirlwind spectacle that at times will have you laughing and at other times squirming (for good and bad reasons).

Combining nudity, food and talented acts, this show takes stripping to a whole new level.

To be precise, it’s more 'Magnificent Mike' and 'Messy Mike' than 'Magic Mike'.

In particular, there was a scene quite early on in the show, with a striptease and a roasted chicken. Despite the talent of the performer and his ability to contort like a rubber band, the events that unfolded were not expected. As the chicken was destroyed, in manners too graphic for this review, it definitely left an impression that was quite unforgettable.

Standard stripteases ooze masculinity, but ‘Würst’ had more flamboyancy than your traditional show.

As the emcee, Furey sauntered across the stage in a number of elegant gowns and with a sass that made her comparable to a classic Mae West.

She joked, heckled and commanded attention from the get-go – transitioning through acts with seamless effort. The real kicker was when she also joined in the burlesque fun – proving that her striptease show is a team effort and offering a vegan option for the straight men in the audience.

At the end of the night, no matter how you like your meat cooked, all performances came at a ‘well done’ standard.

‘Würst’ will leave you speechless. It’s up to you to decipher whether you enjoyed the meal or not. Like any good restaurant, at least I know what to expect next time round.



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