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Co-creators of Women Of Letters Michaela and Marieke Co-creators of Women Of Letters Michaela and Marieke

After an international tour, Women Of Letters (WoL) is set to return home in June.

Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Edie Falco, singer Martha Wainwright, iconic electro producer Moby, and star of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Josh Radnor, are no small feats but the focus has been, and always will be the work for WoL.

Women of Letters began as a very simple concept, which has remained true since it’s inception in 2010. The best and brightest writers, musicians, actors, comedians and politicians in Australia and overseas pen a letter on a given topic before reading it to an audience. In Brisbane, the talent will all be writing “a letter to my regret.”

Australian poet, performer, producer and radio broadcaster Eleanor Jackson is one of the featured artists on the Brisbane leg of the tour.

Describe yourself in a sentence.
Eleanor Jackson is often asked for directions by strangers.

Can you paint a picture of a typical day?
It’s embarrassing to say “typing”, isn’t it?

What do words do to you? What does reading/ writing/ speaking them evoke in you?
Words peel the paint off, then put it right back on. Sharing words is the way that I reorder the hamsters in my head, get them to run on the wheels in my head, and then to go to sleep at night.

Your fav work and why?
My newest favourite work of art is from the Harm Less series by still life artist Sonia Rentsch (soniarentsch.com), the work has proximity and urgency and beauty for me in all kinds of ways.

Advice to other creative artists?
Surrender with grace.

Motto for life?
There is no cure for sadness but to learn something.

Women Of Letters Tour Dates

June 1 - The Zoo (Brisbane)
June 15 - The Red Rattler Theatre (Sydney)
June 29 - Women Of Letters (Melbourne)




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