Will Tredinnick Serves Up The Laughs: Table For Two?

Will Tredinnick in 'Table For Two?' Will Tredinnick in 'Table For Two?'

You're about to be brought back to those school carnival days thanks to a 45-minute egg-and-spoon race through the underbrush, brought to Fringe in Sydney and Melbourne by Western Sydney artist Will Tredinnick.

If you're not a fan of audience participation, look away now!

'Table For Two?' follows three colourful staff members and one unwitting guest in a dysfunctional restaurant setting for its grand re-opening.

Filled with terrible table service and good laughs, 'Table For Two?' takes your order, forgets it, asks for it again, and then loses the docket. Oops.

The show was selected for Bondi Feast 2019, where it played to sold-out audiences. Creator Will Tredinnick says he felt a desire to create a show which displayed his sense of humour well.

“I take silliness very seriously and I wanted to make a show that reflected that,” Will says.

Since its residency at the Q Theatre in Penrith in 2017, Will has won awards at last year's Sydney Fringe and this year's Adelaide Fringe.

When he's not on stage, he masquerades as a captain for the Starlight Children's Foundation.

From Blumenthalian gastronomic experiments to mixological mishaps, prepare to be whisked off your feet and sieved into a melting pot of characters, calamity and caviar...

'Table For Two' plays Old 505 Theatre 17-21 September (Sydney Fringe) and Campari House 23-29 September (Melbourne Fringe).


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