What Makes A Musical A Musical At Fringe World – It's All In Good Fun!

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'What Makes A Musical A Musical' 'What Makes A Musical A Musical'

Musicals are beautiful things. Extravagant, campy, over-the-top. . . But have you ever wondered how a musical is made, and what goes into putting it all together?

Wonder no more. Thanks to a new show by Grey Lantern Productions, aptly titled 'What Makes A Musical A Musical', all things musical theatre will be addressed, observed and made fun of (affectionately!).

It's safe to say you can forget everything you know about the art form. It's all pulled apart throughout the show with the help of songs such as 'This Is An Opening Number', 'Nothing Is Original' and 'You Can Do The Things'.

The show features kick-ass choreography, whip-smart comedic timing and a cast including Georgia McGivern, Andrea Lim, Cassie Skinner, Anita Telkamp, Tom Hutton and Matthew Arnold.

“The show follows the Author, who is writing his first full-length musical. He’s left it to the last minute, and has just hours to go before he has to submit. Using a 'how-to' guide, he attempts to construct his musical piece by piece, tripping over – and sometimes falling into – theatre tropes and stereotypes,” Director Lorna Mackie says. “The show is a brand-new musical and this is its first season.”

WhatMakesMusical reheardal

“Anyone that has ever attempted to create art will empathise with the Author’s creative process.”

The theatre company is known for delivering works of high quality, and 'What Makes A Musical A Musical' is Grey Lantern's first original production, featuring a creative team of people all from WA.

Lorna says Grey Lantern is stoked to present the show, sharing what she hopes the reaction will be from audiences: “Empathy with the creative process, and the absolute fear that you can pour your heart and soul into art, and it still might not be 'good enough'. An absolute belly laugh at the comedic styling of the cast, and seeing just how many musical theatre easter eggs the cast can spot in a one hour show!”

'What Makes A Musical A Musical – The (Musical) Cabaret' plays Studio at Subiaco Arts Centre 9-13 February.



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