Tragedy! (A New Comedy) Reflects On A Ridiculous Modern World

Libby Scales Libby Scales

This is a chance for modern-day mortals of Sydnthenia and Melbournethenia to meet their maker (. . . One of them).

Whether or not they'll care, of course, is a different story. It's a world of pop culture, selfies, narcissism, and the hunger for 15 minutes of fame.

Writer Elizabeth Scales has written a cabaret centring around the tribulations of the now-redundant gods looking down from the heavens, and with boredom at an all-time high, one god in particular has been sent down to address the mortals in a bid to reclaim power over their fates.

Tragedy NewComedy 2

Can't live without a scroll through your phone? Rather die than not be able to connect to Wi-fi? This one's for you.

'Tragedy! (A New Comedy)' pokes fun at modern society using Greek tragic texts, pop culture references, and songs. It's about life as we know it.

It's Elizabeth's second original solo show and premiered in 2016 at Anywhere Festival.

A public summons issued to the modern-day mortals of Sydnthenia and Melbournethenia states: “Your failure to respond by securing your seat may end with a smiting by the gods; being struck down by lightning on a stormy night out at sea, or worse, resulting in you missing out on a very good night indeed and therefore, a dire and incurable case of FOMO.”

You heard them! This is an urgent meeting. Stop liking your crush's Instagram photos.

“Particularly, with everything that is happening in the world right now, this show certainly offers a good giggle (and a song or four!) along with the platform to take a closer look at ourselves and the world we live in. I cannot wait to share this show with the Mortals of Sydnthenia and Melbournethenia!” Elizabeth says.

'Tragedy! (A New Comedy)' plays The Nangamay Room (Sydney Fringe) from 4-8 September and Sawtooth Studio (The Melba) (Melbourne Fringe) 25-28 September.


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