Top Five Reasons To Date A Classical Musician

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Kupka's Piano Kupka's Piano

For Kupka’s Piano’s first concert in 2014 as part of the series ‘Il faut être’ at Judith Wright Centre, they join forces with Sydney’s formidable Ensemble Offspring to present an exploration of the mechanic and the organic in music.

As a combined super-ensemble, as distinct groups and as soloists they explore the free and the necessary, the lyrical and the rhythmic, the structured and the unstructured – musical time and the time of the ticking clock.

Here, Kupka's Piano list five reasons why you should date a classical musician.

1. They are straightforward and great at explaining their opinions and feelings. For instance, when your favourite song comes on, they are likely to tell you just why exactly its melody is feeble, its harmonic structure hackneyed and its rhythm juvenile.

2. You will get to travel all over the world. Classical musicians tend to do a lot of travelling. There’s always an incredibly important teacher or musician in another city on the other side of the planet that your partner just has to go meet. While they’re talking about the expressive qualities of the note between B and C, you can go off and enjoy some local beverages.

3. You will always know who wears the pants in the relationship.Classical musicians (particularly we more avant-garde types) tend to scrape together a living from underpaid gigs, teaching, and if worse comes to worst, making coffees. While this means you may never own a house together, it does mean you’ll be able to have a sense of superiority in the relationship due to being able to afford more takeaway dinners.

4. Classical musicians have excellent control of either their hands or their tongues, or both. 'Nuff said about that one.

5. Classical musicians are very loving people. Classical musicians just lurve Bach, Brahms, Schoenberg, Boulez, Grisey, Sariaaho. You get the picture. While this might mean you feel occasionally left out, it also means you’ve probably got more ‘me time’ than other people in relationships.

Kupka’s Piano kick off their 2014 concert series 'Il faut être' in partnership with Sydney’s Ensemble Offspring this Friday March 21 at the Judith Wright Centre.



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