THREE From Australasian Dance Collective – Cass Mortimer Eipper's Mind Runs Wild

  • Written by  Jordan Byrne
  • Friday, 04 March 2022 13:02
Cass Mortimer Eipper's 'Liminal' Cass Mortimer Eipper's 'Liminal'

Creating connection and sparking conversation, the triple bill of Australasian Dance Collective's (ADC) 'THREE' is back in 2022.

'THREE' will showcase the incredible and intriguing works of celebrated choreographers Cass Mortimer Eipper, Kate Harman, and Gabrielle Nankivell.

The curated collection exhibits the commissions from different minds and voices, providing audiences with three unique experiences showing the versatility and raw talent of ADC's dancers.

Cass Mortimer Eipper is an award-winning director and choreographer who utilises his creativity on stage and film. As a multidisciplinary artist, his range of skills is highly sought-after to create art for both mediums.

Eager to 'sink his teeth' into the performance space again, Cass's work in 'THREE', 'Limbic' is sure to fascinate audiences. Cass has also created a beautiful short film, 'Liminal' for ADC, born from the same initial seed of inspiration as 'Limbic', the natural human instinct.

ADCThree CassMortimer 2

Incredibly talented ADC dancers will perform Cass's contemporary piece 'Limbic'. "Describing contemporary dance is a hard thing to do; it means different things to different people," Cass says. "'Limbic' is definitely quirky and energetic."

Audiences should expect to feel energised with Cass's fun, quirky and peculiar work in 'THREE': “I do find it hard to describe my own work because it's my brain.”

With the programme incorporating three different works from carefully selected choreographers, 'THREE' is going to be creatively diverse. "I think that's something we really yearn for when we watch triple bills; people want to see diversity in the programme and something that moves and entertains,” Cass describes.

Cass's creative process is different when creating art for both stage and film. Beginning with an initial inspiration, he plays with modes and lets the idea manifest itself and form into its own ecosystem in theatre. When creating for film. . . "It's a bit more like having lots of separate puzzle pieces that are going to fit together, and you're jumping from piece to piece", Cass says.

In not getting attached to his initial idea for 'THREE''s 'Limbic', Cass helped nurture and facilitate what his inspiration, the limbic system in the brain, turned into.

"I was going through a period where I was really fascinated by the relationship between our automatic subliminal mind and our conscious cognitive mind, and how so much of our actions and thoughts are driven by this automatic instinct. Our conscious mind has the arrogance to think that we are making decisions through this process of analysis where in reality we're just being driven by this reptilian instinct."

A world and characters developed from playing a lot with how the initial idea could reveal itself in the physical form, into Cass's 'Limbic'.

Cass also created a film with ADC called 'Liminal' for ADC's Digital Suite. The film 'Liminal' is about a woman in a 'limbo, liminal world' struggling to decipher what is real and what is not, "she transitions between environments and spaces experiencing different possibilities", says Cass.

“It's something that keeps you curious about what's happening next; I hope people enjoy the ride.”

'THREE' plays Queensland Performing Arts Centre 16-19 March. Cass's film 'Liminal' is available to watch on ADC's Digital Suite now.



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