The Witch And The Goat At Perth Fringe World – Don't Be Fooled By What You See

'The Witch And The Goat'
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Art In Process/Existence Theatre bring 'The Witch And The Goat' to Fringe World – an allegorical tale where fear meets truth, and social isolation presents the dark side of mythical creatures.

The performance explores the complexity of escaping patterns we inherit – even though the escape of one can lead to the creation of another.

“You could say that this fairytale asks everyone to just have one wish,” Existence Theatre Co-Founder and Performer Elisabeth Eitelberger says. “It talks about existential fear, that there are many truths and that accepting each other for our individuality is making life more meaningful.”

“It basically shows good and evil sides of people but also the possibility to maintain a healthy sense for life through connectedness.”

Elisabeth and Bello Benischauer have been creating and presenting theatre for 20 years. 'The Witch And The Goat' sees performers reviving metaphorical creatures and engaging with the deeper meanings of myths and morals.

“We all play the narrator at some point, but we also slip into the shoes of the witch, goat and other folk and thus confront ourselves with different perspectives and situations,” Elisabeth continues. “Six performers meet with projections and a live-performed soundscape that creates a mystical background to the story that is told through spoken word and lots of movement.

The Witch And The Goat 2

“Usually we are known for getting physically very close to our audience. With COVID we altered our methods to still be able to create an emotional experience for our audience and how to reach people’s hearts in very personal ways. It definitely promises to get mesmerising!”

Elisabeth says the theatre company are known for, and are passionate about, addressing things at the forefront of our conscience.

“[Our productions] don’t ignore issues that exist in our society. We like to speak up about things that need to be seen. Fringe World is a platform that supports unrestricted, uncompromised projects,” she explains.

“Bello Benischauer, our Director, wrote the fairytale that this performance is based on. It grows from the idea of how fear drives people, and what consequences this can have for the individual. But overall audience members are invited to find their own interpretation and hopefully will have lots to talk about, when we join them after the show by sharing a cauldron of magical vegan soup!”

'The Witch And The Goat' plays Old Customs House Fridays and Saturdays from 15-30 January. Audiences can enjoy vegan soup after the show.

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