The Sacred Riana – An Enigmatic Presence Hits Australia

The Sacred Riana
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Viral supernatural magician and winner of 'Asia's Got Talent' 2017, The Sacred Riana, is about to turn Perth into The City Of Fright.

Riana, who has garnered more than 650 million views on YouTube, left audiences spellbound with her unique style of horror magic, and is preparing to captivate the Fringe World audience in a show set to send chills down spines.

Her win on 'Asia's Got Talent' was just the beginning – Riana has since made guest appearances on 'Italy's Got Talent', 'France's Got Talent', 'Britain's Got Talent: The Champions' and 'America's Got Talent', and she's earned accolades and nominations for her contributions to the world of magic.

Fringe World marks The Sacred Riana's first ever Australian performances.

Here, we sit down with Riana ahead of her show 'Alone'.

This is the first time you’re performing in Australia. What are you looking forward to about coming here?
I’m looking forward to exploring the culture in Australia. I’m especially curious about the history of their old historic buildings, as well as their myths and horror stories.

Tell us a bit about you. . . For those who may not be familiar?
I'm the same as you. Sometimes, I'm the one between day and night, the one who stands between light and dark. The one who stands between the supernatural world and the real world.

You’re performing in the Gothic-style Town Hall. Why is this kind of setting important for your performance?
The audience is going to experience unseen energy that they may not have felt previously.

You’re often accompanied by a spooky doll. What can you tell us about this doll?
She is my best friend. She can do anything and everything you didn’t expect. BEWARE!

You won ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ in 2017. What do you enjoy most about bringing your magic and mystery to audiences?
Audiences who understand my story, can feel my energy and be frightened.

Why do you do what you do?
I want to deliver the messages that haven't been delivered to people. And there has to be someone to do it.

Where did your talent for spiritual communication come from?
I felt something when I first met my doll friend, Riani. Since then, I've been able to communicate with the things you cannot see.

Do you have any observations about Australian audiences prior to your trip here?
Only a little bit so far. I think Australians are curious about the things they cannot see. There are a lot of unsolved mysteries there.

The Sacred Riana plays The Enchanted Ballroom at FANTASIA at Perth Town Hall (Fringe World Perth) 2-18 February.

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