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A couple of bucket-headed aliens out to take over the world will open this year's Gold Coast Film Festival.

OK, so maybe they're not literally taking over the world, but the musical duo of Jay Klaitz and Nils d'Aulaire are heading down under, space suits and all, for the Australian premiere of their latest film, The History of Future Folk.

Jay, the Spanish-speaking, guitar-playing assassin, says he can’t wait for Aussies to experience something new. “What really works for the film is that people expect it to be one thing and find it to be very different,” he says. “I think because it’s such a silly film about space aliens playing bluegrass and folk music, people go in expecting a slapstick comedy and something a little ridiculous and are pleasantly surprised — not that I think there's anything wrong with slapstick and ridiculous comedy — to find something that’s a little sweeter and softer.”

Not only did he get to play his space alien alter ego in the film, Jay says that in such a tough industry, it was great to be able to work with his mates on set. “I would say that my number one favourite thing was that it was a real family affair. Many of us lived in the same neighbourhood in Brooklyn so we were buddies and it was like going to work with your best buddies every day for six weeks.”

So how did two grown men end up dressed as bucket-head aliens playing bluegrass and folk music? Jay says it was a combination of beers and basement jamming. “One day I had an idea in my head that I wanted to write an alien-themed album and make it folk and acoustic, and then Nils started playing the banjo along with me. How exactly we became space aliens is unknown because it was quite a while ago; I guess it was one of those ideas that came from sitting in a basement drinking one too many beers, playing our instruments.”

Surprisingly, playing a space alien still isn’t Jay’s most unusual role to date. “Once I had a guest role on an episode of Rescue Me where I played a chronic masturbator. It's a weird thing to call your parents and say, 'Hey mom, I'm going to be on a really popular show playing a chronic masturbator'. It was really a funny scene and I had Denis Leary cracking up a little bit on set, so that was fun. I like to think I have a healthy appreciation for the absurd and, well, somebody has got to fill those shoes.”

Pacific Fair hosts the 2013 Gold Coast Film Festival from April 18–28, including the Australian premiere of The History Of Future Folk on April 18. Check out the full program at

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