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The Gremlins @ Adelaide Fringe Review

Pencil – Gremlins
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James is trained in classical/operatic voice and cabaret, but enjoys and writes about everything, from pro-wrestling to modern dance.

This Fringe, ‘The Gremlins’ were unmissable in more ways than one.

Not everyone who ventures into the Garden of Unearthly Delights does so with the intention of seeing a show. This year, though, it was impossible for even the most culturally sheltered person to avoid seeing cutting-edge performers, because 'The Gremlins' were ubiquitous.

Whether you were collecting your tickets, lining up for liquorice or drinking a beer, the horned green creatures were there causing mischief. 'The Gremlins', though, serve as a timely reminder to all who go to Garden; the true wonder and joy is only revealed once you hand over your tickets and enter a tent.

'The Gremlins' is one of those rare shows that simultaneously entertains children and adults in equal measure. There are poo and booger jokes for the kids, sexual innuendo and social commentary for the adults and spectacular physical humour for both.

The premise of the show is that the audience are passengers aboard the gremlin’s plane. As such, there is ample opportunity to poke fun at the irritating phenomena that is air travel. While it is meant to be the flight from hell, their service was much better than that offered by some low cost airlines.

Despite being primarily an absurdist comedy, the gremlins are ultimately very endearing once you discover their dreams of taking flight. The best fringe acts are just like 'The Gremlins'; they may look scary or unusual but you cannot determine what they are really like until you take the plunge and get to know them. It is most often worth taking that risk.

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