The Black Blues Brothers – An Acrobatic Tribute To A Cult Classic

'The Black Blues Brothers' 'The Black Blues Brothers'

In 'The Black Blues Brothers', the energy of Africa meets rhythm and blues.

'The Black Blues Brothers' is presented by Circo e dintorni, one of the Italian leaders in theatre/circus production. This is the company's Australian debut, which will see five acrobats bringing cult film 'The Blues Brothers' to life in a new way.

Seats, tables, coat racks, vases and mirrors all become tools throughout the show, which has been performed to more than 250,000 people in Europe.

Here, Circo e dintorni Artistic Director Alessandro Serena answers some questions about the production.

This is the Circo e dintorni Australian debut! What are you most looking forward to about being here?
The audience enjoying the show and being amazed by our breathtaking acrobatics to the sound of immortal hits!

Tell us a bit about how this show pays homage to 'The Blues Brothers'.
Starting with an African show with traditional music and costumes, we then developed a completely different acrobatic party inspired by 'The Blues Brothers'. In the show you will find the rousing soundtrack of the movie, the very sharp suits, and the spirit of joy! As Belushi said, “We’re on a mission from God”. . . To let the people have fun!

Why do you think it's a good fit for Adelaide Fringe?
Because you will see terrific acrobatic numbers in modern context. A sort of acrobatic theatre where the virtuosity of the performers joins a joyful atmosphere.

Black Blues Brothers 20202

From an Artistic Director's point of view, what's the most rewarding thing about seeing a show like this come to life?
I can’t say how much I am thrilled about 'The Black Blues Brothers'. It’s like a child: I saw him growing up, I helped him, I corrected him, I love him! But now it’s no longer a child: it’s a very big man ready to conquer the world!

Why do you think this combo of circus and comedy works for audiences?
Circus challenges human limits. Comedy is laughing at them. So in our show there’s a perfect equilibrium of emotions – suspense, amazement, fun. One moment you see an incredible human pyramid, wondering how it’s possible, and the moment after you are joking with the artists about the small imperfections of humans.

'The Black Blues Brothers' are also known for teaching circus in schools. On top of doing performances on stages around the world, where did the idea of bringing the group to schools come from?
'The Black Blues Brothers'’ artists come from a circus school in Kenya called Sarakasi. Sarakasi helps young people coming from difficult social situations to emancipate themselves through art and circus. They met each other there and started practising together. They learned the social impact of circus on their life and decide to share these powerful instruments to other people. That’s why they are doing acrobatic workshops and circus lessons in Italy and in many nations where we have toured the show.

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You discovered the acrobats and brought them together for this show. What is it you love about the art of circus?
Circus is the art of wonder. You can be a little child or a mature professor as I am, and you will always be amazed by acrobats, jugglers, clowns. . . The artists love to feel the emotions of the audience – the warm ‘hugs’ the spectators give to them during the show. When you perform in great theatres or festivals and receive standing ovations, you know all the efforts were worth it.

What's next for 'The Black Blues Brothers'?
We have many more dates with this show, in Italy and abroad. And we are producing a brand-new show, with the same energy but different acrobatic stunts and music. It will be a sort of sequel of 'The Black Blues Brothers'. . .

What do you hope audiences are thinking/feeling as they leave the show?
I hope they will be amazed and full of joy. Singing in their minds the songs of the show, dancing all the way home and thinking “I want to be an acrobat too”!

'The Black Blues Brothers' plays The Cornucopia at Gluttony – Rymill Park from 14 February-15 March.



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