Sydney Symphony Orchestra: Skyfall In Concert Review @ Sydney Opera House

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  • Thursday, 28 November 2019 11:56
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'Skyfall' 'Skyfall'

Let’s take it back to where it started, where Bond began – not the franchise, but the man in it. Where the character was born, in rural Scotland, at Skyfall.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Nicholas Buc, presented the Australian Premiere of ‘Skyfall In Concert’, at their Sydney Opera House residence (22 and 23 November).

‘Skyfall’ (the movie), for those playing at home, is the one where Bond (played by Daniel Craig) is pitted against unwavering cyberterrorist and former British agent Silva, MI6 is blown up and M dies.

There’s something glorious about being in the room with the soundtrack being scratched out of wood, wire, hair and brass, literally etching out the sound to the tracks in front of you. Particularly in a room that feels as natural as the Concert Hall at Sydney Opera House.

Apart from the civilised joy of watching a movie in low-but-not-no light (a personal relief), the different dimensions of captivation achieved in this setting are delicious for any mildly darting attention span.

Action sequences and vibrant scenes of bustling cities, dry earth and stark underground cavities are expectedly mesmerising, punctuated by the realisation there are 80 players on stage physically stitching the other half of the sensory tapestry.

Occasionally more industrial music happens, and it’s delightful to scan over the stage looking for the source. It’s a surprise, followed by an ‘aha’ moment that there’s a synthesiser, electric bass and guitar complementing the traditional orchestra.

A glance through the programme gives amusement, to see the electric bass player shares the name of one of Australia’s most renowned film critics, David Stratton.

Composer Thomas Newman, true to his heritage has crafted a magnificent opus.

Sydney Symphony continually demonstrate their diversity by celebrating in concerts of music written for music’s sake, as well as for film, television and video games – performing concerts such as ‘Final Fantasy’, ‘Bugs Bunny’, ‘The Godfather’, ‘Babe’ and ‘Casino Royale’. Music acts George Benson, Natalie Cole, Tim Minchin, Kenny Rogers, Sting and Ben Folds.



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