Smashed – The Brunch Party Review @ Adelaide Fringe 2021

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'Smashed' 'Smashed'

Traditionally, drag, burlesque and cabaret were confined to the red-light districts or the late-night hours. After the year that was 2020, tradition doesn’t matter so much anymore. Yes, it’s okay to work from home, and yes, sexual empowerment and flamboyant queerness belongs in the brunch time daylight and all day long.

'Smashed – The Brunch Party' opens once guests have been handed their complimentary pre-midday mimosa (or orange juice for those that can’t yet stomach the hair of the dog), with host Victoria Falconer and homegrown cabaret artist Alex De Porteous groggily crooning ‘One Day Like This’ by melancholy Brit-rockers Elbow. While Elbow might be a standard on a weekend hangover chillout playlist, 'Smashed' quickly peps up as the champagne and citrus bubbles penetrate into the bloodstream.

'Smashed' is the night out for those that can’t get a babysitter after 5pm, a variety show for those that aren’t quite sure what to pick from the Fringe Guide, a way to kick start a Hen’s night or Buck’s Show or maybe just a way to show grandma some drag.

Victoria Falconer, known to Fringe audiences through Fringe Wives Club, is the sourdough upon which a saucy and colourful bunch of artists is served: the whips and lasso of Club Briefs’ Dale Woodbridge Brown, the farmer’s breakfast; burlesque dancer, Lizzy Baker, the nude fruit shake; Tongan and Samoan drag queen Kween Kong, the hot buttered toast; cabaret siren Alex De Porteous, a risqué bowl of fruit loops; and circus aerialist Malia Walsh, the bogan liquid breakfast.

'Smashed – The Brunch Party' demonstrates that a late breakfast and Lycra doesn’t have to be daggy – there wasn’t a middle-aged cyclist in sight – and it will get you buzzing more than your double shot morning espresso.




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