Slack Mirror Brisbane Review @ Wonderland Festival 2019

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'Slack Mirror: Dystopian Sketch Comedy' 'Slack Mirror: Dystopian Sketch Comedy'

‘Slack Mirror: Dystopian Sketch Comedy’ is low-key all the way, two performers on stage sans big costumes and props in the intimate confines of the Graffiti Room at the Powerhouse.

The laughs are low-key too, nervous titters more often than big guffaws. Every emotion underplayed in scenes that are chilling for the characters living in a dystopian future.

The dialogue effortlessly rolls off the tongues of Drew Lochrie and Amy Currie and, in a piece exploring 21st century connections, they unapologetically stare directly at audience members.

Slowly the themes layer upon each other, revealing that the work is commenting on nothing less than how humanity is evolving with technological progress. Low-key indeed.

Drew and Amy seem to know the ideas are what will resonate and fascinate. They are subtle in their writing and performing, a sad smile from Drew says more than any words could and Amy performing as Google in human form is very nuanced.

The show, a series of sketches about how technology is changing us, moves further and further into the future. What if you chose to have a child because you were constantly marketed to have one? How about a new sitcom where a man dates Google?

These are great ideas that feel like they could be even further explored. Another sketch which won’t be spoiled here seems to go on the longest and feels the most complete. Perhaps Amy and Drew had recognised how good a story it told and felt it explored its themes fully.

It will be interesting to see if ‘Slack Mirror’ gets further reworked and, if so, what the outcome is. For now, it is an interesting tale, commenting on the possibilities of technology with horror, curiosity and humour.

‘Slack Mirror’ plays Brisbane Powerhouse until 1 December.



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