SIX The Musical Melbourne Review @ Comedy Theatre

  • Written by  Alicia Norton
  • Monday, 27 June 2022 16:32
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'SIX' 'SIX' Image © James D Morgan, Getty Images

Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived – the fate of the six wives of King Henry VIII leads the tale of this raucous musical performance but not a man is to be seen among this stellar patriarchy-smashing 75-minute extravaganza.

With a distinctly contemporary twist at every moment, this gleeful historical romp is like nothing you learned in school – in fact it’s probably a whole lot more informative, no doubt plenty more fun and far easier to dance along to.

'SIX' is a show that is closer to a pop concert than a traditional theatrical musical, but it absolutely hits the right note at every moment. Starring six phenomenal performers, backed by a full band – the Ladies In Waiting, the show is made up of ten tracks which tell the story of each wife, their place in history and a few lessons they each want us to know. This is certainly a feminist celebration and commiseration, a chance to consider how we view these women, each important in their own right, but only remembered in relation to a man who really wasn’t all that. Despite having some important home truths and mentions of genuinely confronting topics of abuse and trauma, the show is ultimately a fun take on the experiences and often untold stories of six historical figures with one man in common.

Image © James D Morgan, Getty Images

The tunes are pop through and through and catchy to boot – if it weren’t for their content they’d fit right in on mainstream radio. The choreography also stands up to the test, the performers really turn it on, delivering moves that have the crowd transfixed, and whooping loudly along! There is a distinct campy vibe to the show, evident in some numbers more than others. At times it feels like the lyrics and language are really teetering on the brink of total cringe but the authenticity of the performance helps to sell these moments as just part of the overall act and show, saving it from falling into awkward territory.

While all the performers wow the crowd, Shannen Alyce Quan is particularly brilliant in the role of Catherine Parr, especially as she is a swing performer in the production. Phoenix Jackson Mendoza is another standout in the role of Catherine of Aragon, her vocal range never failing to impress.

'SIX' is a fun night out, perfect to break up the night between dinner and drinks with a bit of culture, history and talent thrown into an evening in the cold of Melbourne’s winter.



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