Safety Banana Review @ Adelaide Fringe 2020

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'Safety Banana' 'Safety Banana'

Ever sung ‘Islands In The Stream’ with a banana?

It really does something to you that you can’t explain.

Introducing Cindy: a vibrant, single, travelled, singing, dancing, captivating Greek Australian balance beam – a sturdy, fun and bouncy fitness apparatus that some have used for practise and some have appreciated for its constancy, even though its set-up location may have changed a lot over the years.

With this lovingly-crafted, one-woman comedy theatre extravaganza, Cindy translates into art the trepidations and triumphs of (single woman) transit and the tools you meet, or use along the way.

Clearly, such a transient, single, life isn’t for everyone, it’s certainly not viewed as ‘for everyone’ by caring family members and the general public. It can be dangerous, yes, but any fodder that’s not ‘all good’ is usually fertiliser.

Anyway, the point is you really can (be single and) choose your own adventure.

Rollerskating gymnastics, tap dancing and flamenco flavours, '90s bangers plus Demi Lovato for a killer soundtrack, all roll into one kick-ass dose of sass, no food poisoning in sight.

'Safety Banana' is a barrel of heartfelt laughs, athleticism and raw reality veiled loosely in clowning around and partly narrated by a piece of fruit with stuck-on eyes.

Fruit salsa never felt so good.




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