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Rooftop Encore – Live Circus And Cabaret Under The Stars In Perth

L-R: 'Naughties', 'Tuck Shop'
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Perth Fringe World favourites Yuck Circus and Tone & Cheek will delight Perth audiences once more in Rooftop Encore, presented by ARTRAGE.

The iconic Rooftop Movies venue will transform into a cabaret circus wonderland for four weeks, paired with sweeping views of the Perth city skyline. The event will showcase not one but two never-seen-before world premiere shows per night.

Yuck Circus presents 'Naughties', while Tone & Cheek offer up 'Tuck Shop'.

It's an opportunity to experience world-class entertainment under the stars, as well as some exciting talents across the circus and cabaret fields.

Here, ARTRAGE Projects Manager Courtney Meagher tells us more about the shows.

Tell us a bit about the whole idea behind the event that is Rooftop Encore.
Rooftop Encore is a four-week season of circus and cabaret shows – but with a twist. We've taken fantastic live entertainment and put it atop a roof to create Perth's own rooftop outdoor theatre. Expect a night out with friends and family, complete with a bar and food, but here at Rooftop Encore you get to experience stunning sunsets AND shows that will make the night unforgettable.


Why do you think Yuck Circus and Tone & Cheek are perfect for this?
Not only do Yuck Circus and Tone & Cheek epitomise WA entertainment excellence, but they also have such unique voices and tones to their shows. Both companies have been presenting Fringe World shows very successfully for a few years and they are genuinely wonderful people to work with. It's been a wonderful journey collaborating with them to make this event happen. Additionally, Rooftop Movies is such a colourful and joyful venue, which these two companies definitely celebrate in their performances.

What will these two companies be presenting?
Both companies are presenting entirely new shows, we are so excited to be presenting two world premieres at the Rooftop Encore season! Yuck Circus are putting their larrikin and hilarious spin on the 2000s in their show, 'Naughties'. Expect nostalgic tunes set to Yuck's brand of circus, laugh-out-loud top-tier fun. Tone & Cheek are presenting 'Tuck Shop', a cabaret show that includes live singing, burlesque, dance and circus acts for 60 minutes in disco heaven.

Rooftop AeroturePhotography
Image © Aeroture Photography

Talk a bit about the event’s setting – it’s taking place at the Rooftop Movies location! Why is this a good location for something like Rooftop Encore?
Rooftop Movies has always been such a staple in the summer events calendar, but we know that the venue has so much more to give, particularly in the live events landscape. Those who know Rooftop Movies well, know that it is a stunning location. We could not get the idea of aerial circus set against Perth's skyscraper skyline out of our heads, hence Rooftop Encore was born! Jaw-dropping aerials acts set against the twinkling lights of the city – it's not something you can see anywhere else.

What goes into putting an event like this together?
It's quite the feat pulling this together, particularly after our team have come off a very busy and hectic summer presenting Fringe World Festival and Rooftop Movies. It takes sweat, teamwork and a lot of belief that what you're doing is something the Perth audience will want to get behind and support.

And what’s your favourite thing about putting things like this on?
My favourite thing about putting an event on like this is knowing that it makes the events and arts landscape more vibrant in Perth. Perth is an amazing place to live and it is fulfilling to know that what we do makes memorable moments for people who come to experience our venues and shows. We do it for you, Perth!

TOneCheek JessWharehinga
'Tuckshop' - Image © Jess Wharehinga

Why should audiences head along to Rooftop Encore?
We cannot stress how unique this event is – where else can you find amazing never-seen-before shows by the best WA performers on a rooftop, under the night's sky? By supporting events like this one, events that are made locally and push boundaries on what is traditional entertainment, the arts landscape here can only go from strength to strength.

Describe these two events in three words.
Thrilling, standout and sky-high!

Rooftop Encore takes place at Roe Street Car Park (Rooftop Movies) Northbridge (Perth) 5-27 April.

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