Review: Potted Potter @ Athenaeum Theatre (Melbourne)

'Potted Potter'
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The whimsy and silliness of ‘Potted Potter’ hits Melbourne, in a show lovingly crafted for kids and adults alike.

Performers Scott Hoatson and Brendan Murphy blaze their way through all seven ‘Harry Potter’ books with razor-sharp wit and charm. It’s an intelligent script with room for both well-written, considered jokes and unabashed hilarity.

Each book is presented to the audience complete with ridiculous props, backdrops, and character impersonations from the two actors. . . Who must be incredibly fit. . . It’s physically demanding and to be ‘on’ at that level, even for just 70 minutes, is a feat in and of itself.

Scott’s passion for the franchise versus Brendan’s obliviousness in the show makes for a thoroughly entertaining dynamic, and you can tell the audience, made up of both children and adults, laps it up completely.

PottedPotter 2024 2

Those who aren’t hugely familiar with the ‘Harry Potter’ books in particular need not worry. The show touches so briefly on so many things (in the best way possible) that nothing is hard to grasp. The comic timing of Scott and Brendan means that when all is said and done, this is just a hilarious look at the franchise in its entirety, and a fantastic time at the theatre.

A live Quidditch game splitting the theatre down the middle is a highlight – as heard by audience members leaving the theatre – as well as characters who are often filled with darkness and dread in the series being portrayed in comical ways which strip them of all their intimidation.

In short, ‘Potted Potter’ is controlled chaos – a wild, uninhibited ride on hippogriff-back through an iconic story which has captured the world for generations. Scott Hoatson and Brendan Murphy managed to fit bucketloads of wonder and delight into 70 minutes, making this the perfect show for families and friends of all ages.


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