Review: DIVAS @ QPAC (Brisbane)

'DIVAS' - Image © Peter Wallis
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Majella has been part of the scenestr “scene” for over 20 years. She has interviewed some of the biggest names in the music industry but the size of the star doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the conversation.

Ten huge voices, one single woman – ‘Divas’ was a show which surprised, delighted and made you really wish you could sing like the greats.

‘Divas’ was an homage to an international line-up of great singers, past and present, and allowed us to wander down memory lane and relive songs of yesteryear. And if we missed them the first time around, it was a chance to experience their greatness for the first time.

Bernadette Robinson took the art of embodiment to a new level – imbuing each performance with humour, integrity and a mighty set of pipes. From Amy Winehouse to Miley Cyrus to Judy Garland – this show was filled with power, artistry and beauty.

Bernadette RobinsonPeter Wallis 3
Image © Peter Wallis

Hearing famous songs vocalised by another voice can sometimes feel jarring, but with ‘Divas’, it felt like a seamless merging of the artist and Robinson.

The surprise hits of the night were the segments focusing on Maria Callas and Edith Piaf as they showcased Robinson’s incredible ability to sing in another language and in Callas’ case, in a different style (opera).

The show was a toe-tapping good time, with heartfelt moments and jaw-dropping vocal gymnastics, wrapped up together with a feeling of nostalgia and celebration.

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