Review: Bubble Show With Mini Milkshake @ 2022 Adelaide Fringe

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'Bubble Show With Mini Milkshake' 'Bubble Show With Mini Milkshake'

Dr Bubble and his multi-coloured friend Mini Milkshake take bubble blowing to magical new heights in ‘Bubble Show With Mini Milkshake’ – a family-friendly show that is positively bursting with fun.

Alone in his laboratory, Dr Bubble creates a magic bubble which he gifts to his only friend, a lifeless hand puppet named Mini Milkshake. As he drifts off to sleep, the bubble brings his once silent friend to life, unleashing an energetic cavalcade of chaos and hilarity which is guaranteed to have children and adults laughing.

Your stereotypical odd couple, reserved Dr Bubble and larger-than-life Milkshake make a brilliant pair, delivering a fun-filled performance which ignites your imagination from start to finish. Their naturally playful chemistry perfectly complements the show's underlying theme of friendship; while their energy and obvious passion for children’s entertainment creates a palpable sense of excitement which ensures that even the youngest viewers never lose interest.

Over the course of one hour the pair defy the laws of possibility with their incredible bubble creating skills which must be seen to be believed. Using a combination of simple props, their own hands and some weird and wonderful extreme bubble-making gadgets, the pair create (among other things) moving strings of bubbles, bubbles within bubbles and bubbles so impossibly large they can fit a human being. The overhead fans of the Melba Spiegeltent send many of the pair’s creations floating into the audience and by the end of Saturday’s (5 March) performance even the adults were jumping in their seats trying to pop or capture the bubbles as they drifted past.

As a parent, half of the joy of ‘Bubble Show With Mini Milkshake’ came from watching my little one’s face light up at the performers' antics and, judging by the level of laughter and shouting emanating from Saturday’s young audience, my son was not the only child having a blast.

Imaginative and beautifully delivered, ‘Bubble Show With Mini Milkshake’ is the perfect show for young families and a must-see at this year’s Fringe. My only complaint is that one hour of bubbles was not nearly enough.


‘Bubble Show With Mini Milkshake’ plays The Melba Spiegeltent, Gluttony until 20 March.

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