Reuben Kaye And His Rib-Crackingly Funny Cabaret At The Wonderland Spiegeltent In Adelaide

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Reuben Kaye Reuben Kaye Image © Jax Moussa

Award-winning Australian comedian, singer and performer Reuben Kaye brings an explosion of sequins to Adelaide Fringe.

Reuben has appeared on stages and screens in Australia and abroad, including London, Zurich, Helsinki and Stockholm. He's also well-acquainted with Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and Adelaide and Perth Fringe festivals.

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Joined by a live band, Reuben will present high camp and filthy humour in his signature way, in a new show featuring new ways to un-WINE-d. Here, he tells us a bit about what to expect in his Adelaide Fringe solo offering.

Firstly, for those unfamiliar with Reuben Kaye, give us a bit of an overview.
I'm like the Ferrari of drag. I'm shiny, I'm expensive and on a good day I can fit four Italians inside me. Seriously though. . . How could I possibly sum up the entirety of my brilliance. I'm like a diamond. I was forged under huge amounts of pressure, I'm best kept underground, and after being polished for hours I'll live out the rest of my life on the finger of someone very wealthy.

And what will you be bringing to Fringe in your solo show?
I'm bringing a fast-paced, hilarious new show with a live band that's already won several awards and garnered nothing but five-star reviews (one four-point-five-star review but I had that journalist killed).

Why is Adelaide Fringe the perfect space for Reuben Kaye?
Because not only is Adelaide a city of culture, art, food and wine, it's also in the grips of an ice epidemic and flooded with poor, desperate male acrobats and curious construction workers. And they are the base of my food pyramid.


What are you most looking forward to about presenting the show there?
Getting to set foot on stage. Being in front of a crowd. Getting to sing again after vocal surgery! And of course, being back in Adelaide: The City Of Churches. I've always felt a kinship with churchgoers. . . Although I don't go to church I have spent a lot of time on my knees.

What's the most exciting thing you got up to during lockdown?
I dumped my therapist! She was nice but she lived on a houseboat and I refuse to be told I've got issues by someone who uses a chemical toilet.

What is the number one thing you'll be doing to make sure audiences are thoroughly entertained throughout your show?
Entertaining them.

Someone's tossing up between your show and another. To convince them to head to yours, you say. . .
If they're tossing up already I think I'm already too late to help. But I can help clean up afterwards.

Describe this show using a quote from any film you like.
"I can stop any time I want to. . . I just don't want to." – 'Some Like It Hot'

Reuben Kaye plays Wonderland Spiegeltent Festival Hub (Adelaide Fringe) from 19 February-21 March.



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