Railed Review @ Adelaide Fringe 2020

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'Railed' 'Railed'

Saddle up the horses and hold on tight because the gun-slinging hunks from Melbourne-based Head First Acrobats are back in town with their raunchy hit show ‘Railed’.

A western-themed circus, ‘Railed’ expertly combined traditional circus acts, slapstick comedy and a generous helping of sexual innuendos (some of which would make even the most broad-minded audience member blush) to create an action-packed show guaranteed to get pulses racing.

Perfectly performed by a talented all-male cast, ‘Railed’ followed the adventures of the Head First Gunslingers as they tore through town in a series of impressive acts designed to showcase their incredible physical strength, stamina and comical abilities.

Rugged performer Cal Harris had audience members on the edge of their seats as he performed daring acts of balance and strength while Harley Timmermans delivered a performance which was both masculine and beautiful on the Cyr wheel. Adam McMahon proved he has the fastest hands in the west with his trick juggling routines while AJ Saltalamacchia provided much of the show's comic relief, delivering a hilarious performance as the adorably clueless town drunk.

Natural performers, the men approached their roles with unrivalled energy and enthusiasm and they were clearly enjoying every second on stage. As solo performers, each had their own unique, yet equally lovable stage presence and when the four came together they formed an unstoppable team which captured attention and held it in a vice-like grip until the show's final explosive moments. Their on stage chemistry and emotive performances allowed the acrobats to have fun with their roles (and each other) and it was a joy to watch them as they bolted, bounced, flew and stumbled across the stage.

A series of 'Magic Mike' inspired costumes allow the men to show off their incredible physiques and, as we soon discovered, the men aren’t afraid to bare some flesh (not that anyone complained). As the show continued, some costumes got racier while others were just downright weird and there were moments which, while hilarious, have left me with some disturbing mental images.

With its frequent coarse language and strong sexual references ‘Railed’ is an adults-only circus spectacular and while aspects of the show are clearly aimed at female viewers ‘Railed’ can be enjoyed by anyone with a love of circus and a slightly twisted sense of humour.

Hilariously sexy, ‘Railed’ puts the ‘wild’ in wild west and the show's one downfall is that it isn’t long enough.


‘Railed’ plays at The Octagon – Gluttony until 15 March.



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