Queensland Symphony Orchestra: Jurassic Park In Concert Review @ Brisbane Convention Centre

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'Jurassic Park In Concert' 'Jurassic Park In Concert'

Welcoming audiences to a new interpretation of ‘Jurassic Park’, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra have “spared no expense” in presenting this iconic movie to roaring fans.

Hosted at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, the theatre hall was transformed into a stadium-sized indoor cinema – complete with a high definition screening of the prehistoric blockbuster. The only difference, was the infamous score, originally composed by John Williams, was played live by a fully accompanying orchestra.

Serenading us with the highs and lows of the action-paced movie, from opening credits to closing, the experience completely immersed the audience, who watched on as dinosaurs came to life right before their eyes.

Heightening the jungle-like atmosphere where a large ensemble of instruments prepared, was green slash-like lighting, which complimented the space and added to the wildness of the experience. It’s hard to imagine that it has been over 25 years since ‘Jurassic Park’ was released into the world. Steven Spielberg’s adventurous adaptation of Michael Crichton’s science novel really impacted when it premiered. For most of us, it was a defining moment in our childhood that, like the interest of dinosaurs, never seems to grow old.

Led by conductor, Marc Taddei, the orchestra skipped and danced alongside the movie; completely in sequence. For those who have never witnessed a live orchestra, this opportunity further cemented the powerful work such musicians give to any scene. The orchestra was completely in control of the temper – building and slowing tension to quip along a powerful book that sent nostalgic chills through its listeners.

A stand-out moment where the orchestra could revel in the fun of the music was the Mr. DNA sequence, which whizzed through various riffs and melodies within the score. In this part of the movie, we learn about how dinosaurs were cloned back to life. The plot itself is quite gimmicky, but when partnered with a hard-working orchestra, it provided oodles of entertainment. Watching on, we were treated to a percussionist who bounced down his xylophone and a string section who sneakily featured the ‘Rock-a-bye Baby’ nursery rhyme.

Another iconic highlight of the evening was the first time we witnessed the notorious ‘Jurassic Park’ theme song, as the movie journeys to the island. Obviously, an excitable experience for fans, the title fully encompassed all sections of the orchestra, from harps to trumpets, flutes to woodwind instruments. It would seem strange to applaud during a movie, but the overwhelming sentimental feelings in this rendition were hard to contain.

Reliving the soundtrack proved the success of this legendary film. Quite simply, it was a special night to pay tribute to what we sometimes take for granted in movies. For some fans it’ll be a moment they’ll never forget – even for the next 65 million years.


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