Queensland's Craft And Design Community Get Creative At Home

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More than 750 makers of craft and design across Queensland, and beyond, have joined the Facebook group artisan at home to share what they're working on in their homes and studios.

The group is extending a much-needed lifeline to creative minds and their supporters during the coronavirus pandemic. It's the brainchild of artisan in Queensland, a not-for-profit organisation which was created in 1970.

Work in all its forms is being shared through the group – whether it's old, unseen or in progress – including some immediate and imaginative reflections on coronavirus and life in self-isolation.

"We don't know how long this new isolation will last and artisan at home is bringing us together,” Brisbane papercutting artist Pamela See says. “There’s a wave of positivity and resourcefulness coming to the surface on the page, so you go away happy and inspired.”

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The Facebook group is mostly made up of Queensland makers and is extending into other states and territories, as well as abroad.

“It’s my new favourite page. I love being inspired by all the different makers and artists across the country,” Darwin-based photographic artist Claire-Louise Smith says. “I feel like creative people are taking this opportunity to do what they do best, be inspired by an event and turn it into something beautiful. To take focus away from fear and anxiety, and bring it back to the constructive and creative.”

Let's keep harnessing our creativity during these uncertain times! You can join the artisan at home group here.



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