Puffs At Fringe World – 5 Ways To Survive 7 Years At A School Of Magic And Magic

'Puffs' 'Puffs'

A new look at one very familiar adventure (which may be currently celebrating an anniversary and a reunion) presents itself in 'Puffs, Or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years At A Certain School Of Magic And Magic' from Art In Motion Theatre Company.

Yes, that story is about a boy wizard who went to wizard school for seven years, but the focus is not on him. This time, the focus is on the underdogs. The misfits. The ones in the background. . . It's the Puffs' time to shine!

Of course, it's no piece of cake getting through seven years at a school where things constantly seem to be going wrong, lives are always at risk and a certain dark wizard continues to rear his ugly, bald head. . . So here, the Puffs list five sure-fire ways to survive, before they hit Perth's Fringe World.


Stay away from snakes. This should be every wizard's number one rule to live their lives by. Snakes are bad, very very bad, especially if you don't speak their language and none of the Puffs speak snake. This rule also applies to mugborns, especially those living in Australia.


Be really nice to people. The Puffs are the nicest group of wizards that you will ever meet. So nice in fact that they keep missing out on first place, and even second place but that's okay, because 'THIRD OR NOTHING!' is one step up from last and the Puffs are okay with that!


Get a good night’s sleep. Everything is always better in the morning after a good night's sleep. Each morning that you wake up alive is one day closer to surviving wizard school.

2 Puffs FW2022


Remember your emergency formations. Emergency formations save lives. Emergency formation number four – 'We are not a threat, please be our friend' – must be chanted whilst placing one hand on your head for protection. Please try this at home and always have your wand on you just in case.


It doesn't matter if you forget the password to get into the common room because at least you're near the kitchen. The wizarding school kitchen has it all. Food, water, warmth, and if you really need to sleep, you will find a few sacks of flour can be turned into a fairly soft mattress. The Puffs really do have the best access to the kitchens being in the basement and away from the other houses.

'Puffs' plays The Royale Theatre (Fringe World) 17-23 January.



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