Potted Potter @ Brisbane Powerhouse: Review

Potted Potter
Kylie Thompson (she/her) is a poet and scenestr reviewer based in Brisbane. You can find her writing about literary festivals, pop culture cons and movies.

If a muggle were to stumble upon Hogwarts, she'd only see a derelict building hiding the magic within.

It makes the beautifully raggedy Brisbane Powerhouse the perfect entry point to 'Potted Potter', a parody of the boy wizard’s journey through seven novels and eight movies.

Think a two-man comedy with audience participation; a family-friendly event that’s been created for fans of all ages. This is the sort of show you can’t help but love. The excitement engendered by Benjamin Stratton and James Percy is infectious. Quick-witted and constantly delighted by said audience participation, Ben and James somehow manage to bring 'Harry Potter' to life with a few props, and some hilarious accents. There’s a game of Quidditch (this is the audience participation part), a dragon and even a singing sensation Dark Lord who may just make you rethink disco classics. For 70 minutes, anything can happen.

Creators Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner obviously love the 'Harry Potter' series, but the brilliance of Potted Potter lies in their willingness to stick the boot in when required. This may not be a show for the purists of the fandom - if you think 'Harry Potter' is perfect, maybe sit this one out. But if you enjoy a little teasing with your favourite books, consider this a must-see event.

Smoke machines, and low-level strobe lighting are used, so if that’s an issue, plan accordingly. Otherwise, it’s a show so hilarious even the performers can’t help but giggle.

If you love your childhood heroes with just a dash of mockery, 'Potted Potter' runs until the 16th of November at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

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