Plastique Tiara And Yvie Oddly Bring Their Pretty Weirdness Down Under

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Plastique Tiara and Yvie Oddly Plastique Tiara and Yvie Oddly

The stunning looks of Vietnam's Plastique Tiara and wonderful strangeness of Colorado's Yvie Oddly will join forces in the 'Pretty Weird' tour.

These queens are known for their talents both on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' (season 11) and social media/the world of drag performance itself.

Plastique is the most recent addition to the sickeningly talented Haus Of Edwards, while Yvie heads to Australia as the current reigning 'Drag Race' queen, so it's a show filled to the brim with undeniable talent and, well, some pretty weird stuff too.

Yvie and Plastique answer some questions on the show.

This is the 'Pretty Weird' tour. What can we expect from both of you in this show?!
Yvie: I’m ready to bend and bring my weirdness and creativity to Aus. I’m so excited because I have never been so it's quite a unfathomable force to know people in Australia want to see us perform.
Plastique: I really think Yvie and myself are quite different but quite the same as well. I think with our unique perspectives, we bring such a creativity to drag.

Yvie, you won 'Drag Race'! Congratulations. What has life been like since the win?
It really just hit me not long ago. It’s crazy to have my work and my family's work displayed and honoured. I’m still learning and growing but it's a great deal of encouragement from Ru.

Plastique, what was the most rewarding part of being on such an iconic show for you?
I get to buy new corsets whenever I want. Haha, I’m just joking. I think getting to bring more Vietnamese culture to light and getting a platform to speak about it has been very rewarding.

Do you both have a particularly fun memory from your season that you love to reflect on?
Y: I think the preparation with my oddball group is something I think of now and I’m just like damn, little do you all know. Hahahaha!
P: I think having my Drag Mom show up (Alyssa Edwards) was kinda that full circle moment for me during 'Drag Race'.

This is quite the crossover between two very distinct personalities. How do you plan on mashing the 'pretty' and 'weird' elements together throughout the show?
Y: I’m gonna wear a corset and she won’t bathe. Hahaha. I’m joking... I think our differences are equal to our similarities which is why drag is so uniting.
P: I think performance-wise we are ready to twirl it and it will be so fun and creative looks-wise.

Tickets for the 'Pretty Weird' tour are on sale now.

Pretty Weird Tour Dates

6 December – Mary's Poppin (Adelaide)
7 December – Connections Nightclub (Perth)
12 December – Refectory (Canberra)
13 December – Chasers (Melbourne)
14 December – Max Watts (Sydney)
15 December – Family (Brisbane)



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