Open Letter From Squirt Writer/Performer Kate Spencer

Kate Spencer 'Squirt'. Kate Spencer 'Squirt'. Image © Becki Moss

Kate Spencer is on a mission.

A mission to normalise conversations about sex and sexuality. How is she doing this? In a show called 'Squirt', of course.

The award-winning production is filled with rude, crude, lewd, and point-filled poetry written by Kate.

Here, she takes a break from writing poetry to pen a love letter to her beloved show, being performed as part of Melbourne and Sydney Fringe.

“Dear 'Squirt', My my my, oh my. I had an inkling of what you were going to do to me, but this, this was extraordinary.

'Squirt', you’re hilarious; squirm-inducingly funny. Female sexuality has never been celebrated as openly as it is here. Your passion for pussy shines in playful poetry.

Your adoration of all things amorous is done with such affection that people are immediately drawn into your not-so-sordid world. You may be rude, crude, and lewd but you’re also shrewd (though definitely not for the prude).

Not only are you entertaining, you’re empowering and full of heart. Women, especially, love you. You let them know it’s okay to be unapologetically who they are. You allow them the opportunity to take up the space they deserve to take up in this world because you do just that. You slam the patriarchy and encourage others of all genders to do the same. You’re a fighter, 'Squirt', a fighter hidden in humour.

Squirt promo by Glambat
Image © Glambat

'Squirt', you withhold nothing. You believe it should all be out in the open. You shed light on that which is normally kept in darkness and allowed to fester in unhealthy undercurrents. You normalise the conversation around sex and sexuality, the body and bodily functions. You give people the opportunity to explore why they feel uncomfortable with these things and inspire them to speak up. You ask people to trust you with their fantasies and they do; they write down what they most want and share a part of who they are.

My life has changed, thanks to you, 'Squirt'. I love performing you. I love seeing my audience laughing while simultaneously galvanised to go home and find their G-spots. I love getting drenched at the end of the show by people with water pistols; the titular poem does lend itself so well to wetness. I love talking with people afterwards as they ask me to sign copies of my book and tell me how inspired they are.

'Squirt', you’ve certainly made a splash in my life. I hope Australia’s ready for you too.

Yours, Kate Spencer.”

'Squirt' plays Universal Restaurant 12-17 September (Melbourne Fringe) and The Nangamay Room 18-22 September (Sydney Fringe).


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