Nonsensual – 3 Things To Know About Each Of The Unapologetic Artists Showing At Horizon Festival

L-R: Spirit You/Fiona Harding, Jordyn Burnett, Fat Dog
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The world makes no sense, right? Right. What better way to express this notion than through the lens of art?

As part of the Sunshine Coast's Horizon Festival, three unapologetic artists come together for Nonsensual, to take a journey to find meaning in a totally nonsensical world. These three artists are Fat Dog, Spirit You and Jordyn Burnett, and this is one absurd exhibition.

Spirit You is a multidisciplinary artist, working across painting, installation and video performance. Spirit You plays with psychedelic themes, to explore an alternative perspective away from the ordinary. She'll be presented a sculptural installation, a performance video work, and an immersive installation.

Fat Dog is a self-taught, multifaceted artist mainly working with acrylic on skateboards and drawing from the unorthodox nature of life. Fat Dog will present a skateboard deck series, a leather jacket and mannequin combo, a life-size self-portrait, and 'the most abstract piece' she's ever done on canvas.

Jordyn Burnett describes her work as a 'sour candy' – delicious to look at and eventually a little uncomfortable. . . But something still makes you eat the entire packet. She'll present works addressing toxic masculinity, sexuality, identity, and growth.

These three artists will each present their own nonsensical and uncensored works as per their individual art stylings. Before you run along to check out what they've got on offer at Horizon Festival, why not get to know them a little better?

Here, each of the three artists lists three things you should know about them.

Spirit You/Fiona Harding:

One: I'm obsessed with mushrooms.
Two: My house is covered in specks of gold leaf from frequent use.
Three: I'm forever curious about consciousness, life, and its aftermath.

Fat Dog Samantha Taylor:

One: Almost everything I own is pink, because it makes me happy!
Two: Glitter is my guilty pleasure.
Three: I’m a super spiritual being. Always aiming to transmute negative energy into positive.

Jordyn Burnett:

One: I’m slutty for halloumi.
Two: I constantly change my hair colour, at least a few times a month.
Three: I truly love the art of drag and its community.

Nonsensual is on at The Old Ambo on the Sunshine Coast (Horizon Festival) 26 August-3 September.

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