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'No Coming Back' 'No Coming Back'

Writer and performer Armie Ma reveals an untold story of Hong Kong in his hip hop theatre production 'No Coming Back' at Adelaide Fringe.

"The show is about my experience of trying to move to Berlin with my (ex)girlfriend and my old cat, where I realised the give and take of migration one has to face,” Armie explains.

A real-life story, 'No Coming Back' reflects on his journey from Hong Kong to Berlin and highlights a struggle between hope and anxiety, ease and repression.

Hong Kong is a fascinating world centre, not to mention a major global financial hub, that is pushing towards increased democratic freedoms while resisting outside control by China. For Armie, 'No Coming Back' reflects not only the political turmoil but also raises questions about personal and national identity when going home is not an option.

"We are looking forward to sharing with people through joy and tears the story of Hong Kong people, how we live, where we are (were) from, and, most importantly who we are,” he says.

"We hope our audiences will feel like they are on an insightful, interesting tour with a genuine guide in a theatre where they get to grasp a better picture of Hong Kong and its people, and hopefully, reflect on related topics, such as where is home, the roots, and history of one's family."

'No Coming Back' is written and performed by Armie, who majored in Humanities and Creative Writing and now dedicates himself to bringing inspiration through words. His writing takes the various forms of lyrics, performance and walking tours. Based on true experience, he tells stories that reveal his thoughts on identity, politics, social culture. He has recently released his debut album 'No Coming Back'.

'No Coming Back' plays Mainstage at Bakehouse Theatre 24 February-7 March.



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