Night Owl Shows Want Audiences To Feel, And To Have Fun At Fringe World In Perth

Hannah Richards, Dan Clews
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Aiming to redefine the 'tribute' genre, Night Owl Shows will bring a triple helping of performance to Fringe World in 2024.

Each of these Night Owl Shows performances honours artists who have left and continue to leave indelible marks on music, and on pop culture. Night Owl have sold out runs at Edinburgh Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, Fringe World, and California's Bear Valley Festival. They've sold more than 140,000 tickets since 2017.

Fringe World audiences in 2024 will be treated to the Night Owl company performing music by legends like Dolly Parton, Carole King, James Taylor, The Mamas & The Papas, Neil Young, Eagles, and more.

First up is 'The Dolly Parton Story', a look into the back catalogue of the undisputed 'Queen Of Country' including 'Jolene', '9 To 5', and 'Islands In The Stream'.

“We really try to delve beyond the fake boobs and the make up to find the heart of Dolly,” Director and Owner of Night Owl Shows, Dan Clews says. “Questions like how did she get where she got, what was her driving force and what drives her now. In this show, you can expect to dance, sing, cry but also gain a deeper understanding of Dolly and why she is so important.”

“Dolly is such kind and giving human, she came from nothing to build an empire but has alway put humility at the fore a lesson we can all learn from.”

Next up is 'The Carole King And James Taylor Story', a show focused on Carole King and James Taylor, where audiences can hear tracks like 'I Feel The Earth Move', 'Natural Woman', 'You've Got A Friend' and more. It's a night filled with hits as well as a message of the importance of love and friendship.

“This is the show that started it all off for Night Owl and its our flagship, we even tour it in the US as two Brits singing quintessential American music back at them,” Dan says.

“It’s a warm hug and a journey into the heart of a friendship without which we would never have heard 'You’ve Got A Friend', 'Fire & Rain', 'Earth Move' and so many important songs.

“It’s such a positive and heart warming message to convey and we just feel privileged getting to do this all over the world.”

Finally, 'California Dreams' has more of a focus on a time and a place: Laurel Canyon between '65 and '75. A collective of legends changed the musical world forever in this time, and 'California Dreams' invites attendees into a time machine, to a period when artists crossed paths and inspired one another.

“It was a modern renaissance when so much great talent came together and the results became even greater. We run the song order with each masterpiece directly linking to the last, an easy feat as there really were zero degrees of separation in Laurel Canyon during this period in many ways,” Dan describes of 'California Dreams'. “The show is a lot of fun to perform, it really feels like a group of friends in front of us each night.”

The goal behind this trio of productions at Fringe World is a response, and an opportunity for all in attendance to feel free, as Dan explains: “Some nights it might be raucous, others it might be quiet but sentimental. We've had whole groups of buddies standing holding hands singing 'You’ve Got A Friend', whole rooms singing 'California Dreams' and always the whole crowd up and dancing during 'Islands In The Stream'. . . But it's seeing what these songs mean to each individual crowd that we get a kick out of, and it's always different night to night.”

“All I ask of our audience is that they get lost in the music and they are themselves. If this means sitting back and letting the music and nostalgia wash over you, then fine. If you want to do a freaky dance 'Woodstock style', go right ahead, if you want to sing then sing. It always feels like a bunch of friends having a great time and we can't wait to meet you all.”

Night Owl Shows Fringe World Perth 2024 Dates

'The Dolly Parton Story' – The Hat Trick at The Pleasure Garden 6,8,10 February
'The Carole King And James Taylor Story' – The Hat Trick at The Pleasure Garden 7,9,11 February
'California Dreams' – The Parlour at The Pleasure Garden 10-11 February

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