Naked Disco Gets Into The Groove, Presenting The Hits In A New Way

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Sophie Carter in 'Naked Disco' Sophie Carter in 'Naked Disco'

The Sass Express is leaving the station and you're going to want to grab a ticket.

'Naked Disco' is what happens when you combine the down and dirty grooves of the last few decades, with a stripped-back and revealing sensibility. It's all the vocal stylings of Sophie Carter with the help of piano master Jeremy Brennan.

With 15 years of professional performing experience, Sophie is keen to express passion through the music in the show.

"Basically, this came about from my pure love of disco,” Sophie gushes.

“I feel like disco is such a dirty word these days, but man, when you really sit down and listen to them, they've got everything you need. Style, depth, emotion and a groove that you can't get out of your system!”

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The sultry setlist will go from Blondie to Bowie, and everything in between, but not perhaps how you'd expect to hear them... Hence the title, 'Naked Disco'. It's not all about taking off a few layers, but feel free to do that too.

“I wanted to explore how to do these songs but without all the bells and whistles. How do you present this sort of funk without the synths, the machines, the layers of instruments? How do you do disco, well... naked?! And I found that when you strip them back to their bare bones, you're left with a purity and a sensuality that is downright palpable. An energy that feeds you. I hope to give that to the audience. The raw energy of these songs that we all know and grew up with, but exposed in all of its glory. No afros or bellbottoms here! It's definitely disco, but not as you know it . . ."

'Naked Disco' plays Archie Rose Cabaret Club 14 and 21 September.


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