[MIS]CONCEIVE Review @ Supercell Festival Of Contemporary Dance Brisbane

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Indigenous artist Thomas E.S. Kelly has presented an interesting piece that breaks the stereotypical representations of perception and aboriginal culture.

'[MIS]CONCEIVE' – a story about comprehension and re-education - rejects clichéd interpretations through a series of repetitious hip-hop and contemporary movements.

An energetic and engaging performance, the show utilised humour, personal stories, movement and culture to teach audience members about misrepresentations, so society as a collective can move towards a better future.

Poking fun at preconceived ideas regarding looks, abilities and race, the show bounced across all sides of the stage in the Visy Theatre. Creative lighting, electronic music and physical beats (that came from the impact of dancers hitting the stage floor) created an intriguing atmosphere full of self-expression.

Despite the humour and comical jests, there was a serious undertone – something that hit the hearts of many and attempted to change their way of thinking. Too often is indigenous culture misunderstood and '[MIS]CONCEIVE' aims to set the record straight regarding this.

What was most appealing about the performance was the influence of modern dance on traditional indigenous movement. The combination of the two, with a hint of hip hop, created a new style that was sharp, fun and modern.

During the 50-minute performance, the four artists committed themselves to the production wholeheartedly. Dressed the same – in a grey shirt and grey jeans – their hard work was evident, as they sweated profusely to deliver this challenging piece. They moved individually, in unison and in repetition, creating a dynamic dance show.

At times, the action happened so quick that the meaning was hard to interpret. It wasn’t until Kelly’s voice-over, which detailed his own experiences that the audience gained clarity to finally understand certain scenes that played before.

As a choreographer, composer and performer, Thomas E.S. Kelly has proved he is an adventurous story teller and an emerging creative on the rise. '[MIS]CONCEIVE' takes an extremely intelligent perspective on the functioning of a misinformed society.

As part of the Supercell Festival Of Contemporary Dance, '[MIS]CONCEIVE' entertained audiences thoroughly.

Every audience member could interpret something beneficial from this piece. Whether it’s the questioning of stereotypes or the appreciation of a culture that stems beyond the existence of our nation, there was definitely a take home message for all.

The recognition of the land, in which the show was performed on, was a particularly heartwarming moment. In a world that is quick to judge and determine an opinion, it was nice to take a step back and really appreciate all that we take for granted.

'[MIS]CONCEIVE' is a new way of thinking, moving and a solid look at the bigger picture of life.

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