Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020 Programme

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Melbourne Fringe Melbourne Fringe

In the year of the impossible, Melbourne Fringe Festival will deliver a programme full of weird, wonderful, thought-provoking and boundary-pushing art.

Audiences will be able to choose between 250 shows all taking place outdoors, digitally, in the home, via audio, behind glass or over the phone.

Many artists have needed to create their work in mid-pandemic circumstances, meaning ingenuity is at an all-time high. 'Big Day In' sees Ian Pidd create work inspired by the true story of his parents' COVID-19 diagnosis while they were in an aged-care home. Ian brought music to them, playing outside their window. The show will feature a live band playing outside aged-care homes across Melbourne.

'GB24: The Improvised Variety News Channel' is a nightly news spoof comedy show by Game Boys, featuring interviews, sketches, surprises and special guests.

'Such Is Now – Isolation Diorama Project 2020' by Australian contemporary artist Jacqui Stockdale is a peep show for all ages – a direct response to lockdown in Melbourne.

'Losing Touch' will take place at Abbotsford Convent as one of the first in-person events post-lockdown. It investigates touch, distance and technology in a dialogue-come-performance created in a long-distance collaboration between composer Antonia Barnett-McIntosh and performance artist Sara Cowdell.

Creepy Boys
'Creepy Boys'

'Welcome To Bunt' is a warm and silly sketch show about a small town of Aussie oddballs, coming to grips with opening their quiet outback town to potential tourists. It's by Elly Squire (Clara Cupcakes) and Sophie Joske.

Two Canadian queer artists came to Australia for Adelaide Fringe, and, thanks to COVID-19, have been stuck here ever since! 'Creepy Boys' are throwing their very first birthday party with games, gifts, cake, and possibly Satan too.

'Tomás Ford:...Come Have A Bath With Me' features live electronic pop performed from a bath, while audiences watch from home. . . Also in a bath!

There's also a chance to take in multiple performances in one show thanks to 'The People Of Cabaret''s variety gala featuring a dazzling array of performances beamed in from interstate and around the globe.

A digitally-scaled recreation of The Substation building in Newport will play host to a techno party thanks to a private Minecraft server. Staged over five hours, players will be able to explore brand-new landscapes and attend exhibitions.

'Horizontal Tasting With The Wine Bluffs' by Damian Callinan and Paul Calleja is an interactive comedy show taking audiences through a tongue-in-cheek masterclass wine-tasting workshop.

Reuben Kaye 2020 1
Reuben Kaye

Physical performer Niow creates playful theatrical images to a live soundtrack in one-off performance-installation 'Conservatory'. Limited live audiences can view the work on-site through the greenhouse windows.

The late-night party atmosphere synonymous with Fringe will continue, with 'Fringe Club At Home' – a series of events designed to have audiences pushing back their sofas, painting on the glitter and having a groove! Including 'Fringe-O-Vision', 'Karaoke Knockdown', and 'Powder Room' with Reuben Kaye.

More programme and ticket information can be found here.

Melbourne Fringe Festival is on from 12-29 November.



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