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Melbourne Fringe Melbourne Fringe

Featuring over 455 boundary-pushing events from 2,718 artists over 140 venues, the Melbourne Fringe Festival is set to take the city by storm in September.

This year, Melbourne Fringe is in search of the truth, inviting participants to step into the 'Truth Booth,' sit in front of the confessionals video camera, and respond to the prompt 'the truth is . . .'

These truths will be collated into a public exhibition at Chapel Off Chapel, where a diverse portrait of people across the community, and from abroad, will be projected onto the venues walls.

Participants can witness Moira Finucane in 'The Rapture Chapter II: Art Vs Extinction', a film inspired by Moira's journey from Antarctica to Australia's red centre.

Willing participants are welcomed into the lair of the Snow Queen; a spike-crowned, claw-fingered jewel-encrusted angel of the apocalypse who, dressed in cascading silk couture and surrounded by dripping icebergs trapped in ghost nets.

The exhibition has already captured the attention of premiere audiences in Miami, Slovenia, Denmark, Berlin, and Prague.

Melbourne Fringe is also offering up some fantastic events for comedy seekers, including comedy legend Jimeoin who will be testing out material for a new show.

Another highlight includes 'Mormon Girl', the story of a girl born with a disability and no uterus to regional mormon parents, who sets off on a solo journey of self-discovery, learning all the things her doctors, priests, and parents never thought to tell her.

MelbFringe KickOn
'Kick On' Grand Final After-Party

The festival will also play host to some of Melbourne's biggest parties of the year, including 'Rhythm Nation', a celebration of the iconic Janet Jackson, and the 30th anniversary of her hit album, and 'Kick On', a grand final after-party hosted by Betty Grumble.

Legendary Cabaret, 'YUMMY', will be returning to Melbourne after touring the globe and winning multiple awards, the ensemble will be presenting Melbourne Fringe participants with 'YUMMY DELUXE', a mix of new acts and 'YUMMY' favourites of breathtaking drag, music, circus, and burlesque.

Those who love to get out and about and learn new things about the city around them can't miss 'Half Truths', a satirical, immersive outdoor audio experience that takes travellers on a journey to discover hidden gems around Werribee, join performance alchemists Binge Culture on a guided adventure, and navigate the township with the aid of a smartphone, an app and headphones.

Since its inception in 1982, Melbourne Fringe has continually championed the arts and culture in Victoria, supporting anyone willing to participate in the arts. Fringe programmes include the annual design exhibition Fringe Furniture, participatory public art commissions, children’s programmes as well as its First Nations programme Deadly Fringe, disability and deaf arts programmes, mentorships, workshops, residencies, forums, awards and touring support.

Melbourne Fringe Festival is on from 12-29 September. Click here for the full programme.



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