Margaret Fulton The Musical – Cooking Up A Storm Of Singing And Dancing At Redland Performing Arts Centre

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'Margaret Fulton The Musical' 'Margaret Fulton The Musical'

Aussie cooking icon Margaret Fulton is honoured through the medium of music in 'Margaret Fulton The Musical', an on-stage, singing, dancing biography presented by Jally Entertainment and written by Doug Macleod.

Margaret's recipes inspired Australian housewives around the country to get creative and experimental in the kitchen.

Her legacy is explored from humble beginnings to super-stardom in 'Margaret Fulton The Musical', with performer, writer, and Matilda Award-nominated Judy Hainsworth stepping into her shoes.

Here, Judy answers some questions about playing Margaret and what she's looking forward to about the role.

Why do you think it makes sense for Margaret to be the subject of a musical?
Margaret is an Australian icon and completely revolutionised the way we eat and cook. She paved her own way and did it at a time when women were not in positions of power.

In your preparation for the show, is there anything in particular you've learned about Margaret that you identify with on a personal level?
Absolutely. She was down to earth, had a wicked sense of humour and didn't like taking crap from people!

Do you have a favorite Margaret Fulton recipe/dish?
My mum makes her Christmas cake every year. We try to make it last until January. It's a sad, sad day when the last slice is eaten. *wipes tear*

And what are you most looking forward to about playing the role?
The acting challenge – I play Margaret from when she is 18 right through to when she died at 94. And she goes on quite a journey! Career triumphs, falling in love, two divorces, losing loved ones. . . The show is an emotional rollercoaster for me.

How would you describe the music throughout the show?
It's all original music by Yuri Worontschak and really punctuates the high points in the show. There's a great mix of high energy toe-tappers and beautiful ballads. My favourites are 'Pressure Cooker', an Andrews Sisters-style number I sing with the female ensemble, and the duet 'Decorative, Elegant And Useless' that Margaret sings with her mother, where we get to do a cute little waltz. The choreography by Dan Venz is really incredible and brings the ensemble numbers to life.

What's your favorite thing about the production?
The ensemble cast – we've only known each other for two weeks, but we've already become a tight little family. They're all so talented and generous.

And how are you hoping audiences will respond, aside from of course loving the show!?
I hope audiences discover some new things about Margaret and leave with a greater appreciation of what a trailblazer she was. Her contribution to the Australian food scene was really incredible.

Describe 'Margaret Fulton The Musical' with a lyric from it!
"Margaret Fulton, trusted and true. How can anyone not admire you? You're a modern woman, a paradigm, making cooking marvellous all the time."

'Margaret Fulton The Musical' plays Redland Performing Arts Centre (Queensland) 20 March.



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