Major Public Art Installation Interchange Pavilion Reimagines The Railway In Sydney

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Interchange Pavilion Interchange Pavilion Image © Josh Raymond

Australian artist and architect Chris Fox has reimagined Sydney's railway lines, creating a new sculptural landmark which invites visitors to reflect on the histories of the site, and come together before diverging into their own journeys.

The artist creates large-scale public art installations which aim to interrogate the conceptual and material boundaries between art and architecture.

He is renowned for transforming the historic 1930s wooden escalators from Wynyard Station into the artwork Interloop.

Interchange Pavilion references the geometry of a railroad switch – it's a meeting place where tracks converge and paths cross.

Image © Josh Raymond

"Interchange Pavilion is inspired by the iconic geometries of the meeting point between two train tracks," artist Chris Fox says. "It began with the rail tracks of the area around Redfern Station, Carriageworks and The Locomotive Workshops, where I noticed the distinctive switch geometry: in particular a point where the rail lines diverge off into many different tracks."

"The switch became a way to follow all these different stories, routes and paths that have occurred on this site. The artwork is also an opportunity for visitors to reflect on these histories but also to come together before diverging into their own future journeys."



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