LOVE LUST LOST Brisbane Review @ Fortitude Valley


A cast of talented performers fill a complex, other-worldly maze in 'LOVE LUST LOST’.

From Broad Encounters Productions (read our chat with Creator and Company Director Kirsten Siddle), this experience is one for the adventurers – one for those seeking a bit of a thrill, and for those with a penchant for delving into the unknown.

It's also one difficult to put into words, or break down – especially without giving too much away. At the beginning of the journey, you must choose whether to join the Crew, or become a Researcher. Entering the world of 'LOVE LUST LOST' (the EV Nautilus) is truly like entering a new realm – as stories unfold left and right, and the surroundings, mimicking that of a ship out at sea, are at times unsettlingly convincing. The narrow, dimly-lit halls are just a part of the illusion.

To compliment one actor above all others would be an arduous – and not to mention unfair – thing, each member of the 'LOVE LUST LOST' cast brings their own whimsy, fantasy, and emotion to the experience. It's certainly true that not one attendee's experience will be the same, even similar, to another attendee's. Stories, songs and sounds abound in this dark underworld – too many, perhaps, to experience in one voyage. A second, even third foray into 'LOVE LUST LOST' would almost certainly guarantee an entirely different adventure each time.

LoveLustLost David Kelly2
Image © David Kelly

The prospect of an experience as expansive as this is exciting in itself, and gives one a rush and a desire to take in as much as possible in the time given.

Exploring the EV Nautilus inspires feelings of hope, joy, sadness, love, lust, and loss. Thought-provoking vignettes are peppered throughout the performance space, and plenty is done to ensure each and every attendee feels not only included, but essential to the 'LOVE LUST LOST' universe.


'LOVE LUST LOST' is on at 95 Robertson Street, Fortitude Valley (Brisbane) until 21 August.

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