Love/Hate Actually Brisbane Review @ Wonderland Festival 2018

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'Love/Hate Actually' 'Love/Hate Actually'

The effort and detail put into 'Love/Hate Actually' is enough to give it a glowing review right off the bat, but the show also brings with it a handful of other endearing qualities that make it genuinely enjoyable the whole way through.

Natalie Bochenski and Amy Currie (Act/React Theatre) have crafted a great production. Amy loves the classic romcom 'Love Actually' and Natalie hates it. The two spend an hour battling it out, each presenting their points to the audience who, on this particular evening, are more on Amy's side than Natalie's.

It's a debate, but the most heightened and dramatic debate you've ever seen. Australian politics has nothing on Natalie and Amy.

There are pie charts, hilarious moments of audience participation, mini skits to further communicate points of view... And the script for this show is on another level.

Particularly for Natalie, who is clearly passionate about her hatred for the film. Her rants about what she has discovered when collecting information are gold; full of actual numeric data and statistics. They're well-rehearsed and Natalie should be congratulated for how articulate she is.

Amy brings a more comedic edge to the show (though they both have a hand in this), emerging at one point dressed as a flamboyant Pope figure attempting to preach the good word of 'Love Actually'. This is brilliant.

One of my main thoughts throughout the performance was where the two ladies could take this concept. With them only focusing on the one film, it would be a great move to expand the debate idea to other films and perhaps music artists... They'd never have the same audience!

If you're worried that it's been a while since you saw 'Love Actually', never fear. The two re-cap the main events before launching into the show and what follows is an evidently well-polished hour of comedy accompanied by visual media, audience participation and some very convincing arguments for and against this classic film.

Congratulations to Natalie and Amy for such an entertaining and engaging experience.




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