Lord Of The Flies The Way It's Meant To Be Shown At Sydney Fringe

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'Lord Of The Flies' 'Lord Of The Flies'

The Innerwest Youth Theatre's production of the 1954 literary classic, 'Lord Of The Flies', is set to turn the work on its head for Sydney Fringe, using a cast of age-appropriate actors to explore humanity’s dark side.

Produced by Annie Macarthur and Peter Mitchell from Epiphany Arts Inc. and directed by local actors Mel Senter and Kieran Clancy-Lowe, this production shows 'Lord Of The Flies' as it was meant to be shown.

In the original work, a group of young children are marooned on a tropical island, where they quickly set about forming a society that falls victim to the coldhearted nature of humankind.

In this iteration, a mixed cast drawn from seven inner west primary and secondary schools will perform a modernised take of the classic, which takes place in the centre of Sydney at the outbreak of a new world war, where the school children are stranded on a rooftop awaiting their rescue.

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Once it becomes clear that help is not coming, the children learn that in this new world, their understandings of humanity and kindness are no longer necessary.

The kids form hunting groups, seeking to slaughter their enemies like pigs, reflecting modern day video games, where children are desensitised to grotesque acts of violence from a young age.

Led by an 11-year-old despot, the children's game gradually declines into depraved savagery in the absence of rules and respect.

The use of age-appropriate actors to explore the threat of bullying, groupthink and extremism on the young is intended to resonate with viewers, and serve as a reminder that the story is as relevant now as it was in the middle of the 20th century.

'Lord Of The Flies' plays 14-15 September at The Forum Theatre, Leichhardt.


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