LEGO Star Wars: The Exhibition To Debut Down Under In 2025

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‘Star Wars’ fans won’t need to travel to a galaxy far, far away when LEGO Star Wars: The Exhibition makes its exclusive global debut down under in 2025.

The exhibition has been created by the renowned Brickman himself, Ryan McNaught. It’s set to be an exciting showcase of creativity and fandom, promising an immersive journey throughout the ‘Star Wars’ galaxy. It’s not just a display of epic brick proportions either. . . It’ll also be an immersive experience, promising to transport visitors deeper into the ‘Star Wars’ saga.

“Building real people and characters is one of the hardest things you can possibly make out of LEGO bricks. Each model not only has to represent who it is in incredible detail, but also needs to capture the moment, the emotion, the struggle, the tension,” Ryan McNaught (Brickman) says.

“Translating those epic scenes, iconic characters and spacecraft from Star Wars into little bricks is really hard and that’s why they are rarely done, and even more so on this scale. Nobody has ever recreated these fight scenes at this scale out of LEGO before - and I’m excited to be able to help premiere this in Australia for the first time in 2025.”

Brickman LegoStarWarsReveal2.jpg

LEGO Star Wars: The Exhibition will draw inspiration from the blockbuster films, serving as a tribute to the iconic franchise. More than 25,000 hours of LEGO building are required to bring the exhibition to life. . . And it will boast the largest collection of life-sized LEGO Star Wars models ever created.

As a taste, Brickman has unveiled the first two LEGO builds which will be part of the exhibition. ‘Star Wars’ fans in Victoria can check them out (Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Maul) at Westfield Doncaster 1-6 May.

Sydneysiders can check out a model of Emperor Palpatine’s Throne, flanked by two Royal Guards, at the Sydney Arcade LEGO Store for the rest of May.

LEGO Star Wars: The Exhibition is set to open in Australia in 2025.

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