La Boite Theatre 2024 Season

Clockwise from top left: Blue, Closer, Yoga Play, Fancy Long Legs - Images by Daniel Boud and David Kelly
Our eclectic team of writers from around Australia – and a couple beyond – with decades of combined experience and interest in all fields.

Brisbane’s La Boite Theatre brings a season of surprises and revelations in 2024.

Four bold and diverse productions will hit the stage, as Artistic Director Courtney Stewart puts the whole world on show for her highly anticipated second programme.

The season begins with Patrick Marber’s cult classic ‘Closer’. It’s a bruising, beautiful exploration of truth, lust, desire, betrayal, and how adults approach relationships. It returns to La Boite’s stage 24 years after first getting under the audience’s skin. Courtney Stewart will direct an all-star Queensland cast of Anna McGahan, Sophia Emberson-Bain, Kevin Spink and Colin Smith.

“‘Closer’ looks at the intricacies of relationships and what happens when we try to mould, shape and squeeze people into our ideal picture of them instead of taking them as they are,” Courtney says of the work.

Next up is ‘Blue’ – a bold, deeply personal new work from Thomas Weatherall, marking his writing debut. It’s a work of “very personal fiction”, drawing from Thomas’ experiences as a teenager and young adult finding his place in the world.

Young and old audiences are invited next to the world premiere of brand-new, glittering musical ‘Fancy Long Legs’. It’s a page-to-stage adaptation of the hotly anticipated new children’s book from Brisbane author and designer Rachel Burke. Fancy the spider loves to be creative, but struggles to stay focused on web-building. The production weaves a tale of inclusion and acceptance, addressing neurodivergence in a wholesome, relatable way.

“‘Fancy Long Legs’ is about being unafraid to be your true self and how wonderful it is to have friends that rally around you; it celebrates discovery, play and curiosity instead of judging people for their differences,” Rachel Burke says.

The work is being presented as part of Brisbane Festival in conjunction with The Little Red Company.

“We are enormous supporters of both La Boite and Little Red and have worked very successfully making wonder happen for many years,” Brisbane Festival Artistic Director Louise Bezzina says. “Let’s continue that in 2024.”

The show-stopping season is capped with ‘Yoga Play’, an acerbic look at one company’s attempt to exploit inner peace.

It’s a scathing, sassy takedown of cultural appropriation, exploitation, fat shaming and yoga pants.

‘Yoga Play’ chronicles the plight of besieged yoga apparel giant Jojomon, and new CEO Joan who faces scandal after scandal. It’s written by US playwright Dipika Guha, and co-produced with Riverside’s National Theatre Of Parramatta.

“We are committed to creating and presenting transformative and inspirational professional theatre experiences that reflect the world around us and the diversity of contemporary Australia,” Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta Executive Producer Joanne Kee says.

La Boite’s acclaimed skills development series returns in 2024 too, with masterclasses and workshops for artists and educators.

“I am so delighted to present four big and brilliant mainstage productions in 2024 – a world premiere, a new look at an established favourite and two interstate co-productions,” Courtney Stewart says of next year’s season.

“This programme strikes a wonderful balance between celebrating local talent, encouraging the development of thrilling new work and providing pathways for local artists to dream big and see their work continue to thrive beyond state borders.”

Brisbane’s La Boite Theatre 2024 season launches with ‘Closer’.

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