Julian Bull's Mind-Blowing Magic And His Latest Miracles

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Julian Bull Julian Bull

He's the man, he's the myth, he's the legend.

The enigma himself, Julian Bull. Having spent the past 11 years refining his art form, you could say he's more prepared than ever to present his work at Sydney Fringe in 2019.

'Mind-Blowing Magic' is based on a child (may or not be based on Julian) procrastinating from doing maths homework by, naturally, performing magic tricks. The show will also feature a sprinkling of song and dance numbers. Does Julian have musical training, pitch, or rhythm? No. Does this matter in the context of 'Mind-Blowing Magic'? Also no. It's all part of the show. He urges that you don't heckle him.

Struck by the magic bug at 13, Julian has worked to give his audiences the most intensely magical experience he can. He even dropped out of school to perform magic on the streets as a busker, valiantly soldiering on and finishing his education through TAFE.

Julian Bull2

Julian's terrifying threat of adding hecklers to his list of personal enemies is not to be taken lightly. He carries this list with him at all times in a small notebook attached to a necklace. He may even delete you as a friend on Facebook.

The show may cause spontaneous seizures, psychosis, or ovulation. Any one of those three things, or perhaps all, at once. All the proceeds will be donated to charity

Julian says he's careful to make sure the audience have the most enjoyable experience they can, however.

“I'm full of highly acidic comebacks, I just don't want to leave anyone emotionally crippled by my performance,” Julian says. “Even if they are a terrible heckler.”

'Mind-Blowing Magic' plays The Newsagency 12 September.


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