Jenny Wynter By Request – 5 Hottest '80s On-Screen Couples

Jenny Wynter
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Comedian Jenny Wynter brings a show that is never the same twice – 'By Request' – to Redland Performing Arts Centre (Queensland) for the venue's Stage Sessions concert series.

Stage Sessions at RPAC gives audiences the chance to try something new – whether it's cabaret or music – from some of the best local, emerging, and established talent. There are a handful of fabulous shows to choose from across four action-packed days.

'By Request' is a side-splitting cabaret taking the audience's choices and input into consideration. There's an on-stage fishbowl ready to accept your on-paper suggestions, and it's a never-to-be-repeated evening of cabaret.

Jenny is ready to weave words of wisdom, text messages, places, and things into 'By Request', to create a show filled with stories, songs, monologues and medleys.

Here, Jenny looks back and lists of five of the hottest couples from screens in the '80s. . . Just because.


Johnny and Baby, 'Dirty Dancing'. Not only did this film teach us everything we know about dancing (I literally learned the entire final dance video frame by video frame), but it also taught us everything we know about romance. I'm divorced, by the way.


Sarah and the Goblin King, 'Labyrinth'. This film awakened our teenage selves to the power of magic, including the incredible hotness of a dude wearing tight leggings and a punk rock mullet. It's only years later we've realised that Sarah was in fact, disturbingly young for him. But you know. DANCE, MAGIC, DANCE!


Andrew McCarthy and the Mannequin. Words can't even describe how obsessed we all were with this couple; I mean, unless you've been an inanimate object saved by your soulmate from being shredded by a chipper, then do you even know what love is?!


The couple from 'Splash'. We don't even remember their names, but that's not what's important. This film taught teenage girls everything important about love overcoming all odds; if Tom Hanks can accept Darryl Hannah being a fish, then surely we can deal with boyfriends who smell like a deep fryer.


Scott and Charlene, 'Neighbours'. The wedding! The tulle! The Angry Anderson song! We were – all of us – utterly obsessed with Kylie and that other fella, so much so that we genuinely imagined our own weddings would one day be exactly the same. And our marriages, of course. Did I mention that I'm divorced?

Jenny Wynter 'By Request' plays Redland Performing Arts Centre (Queensland) as part of their Stage Sessions on 3 March.

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