Horizon Festival 2022 – Sneak Peek At Local Artists Featured In Sunshine Coast Festival

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'Guyu And My Friend Mr Pelican' 'Guyu And My Friend Mr Pelican' Image © Aunty Hope O’Chin

The Sunshine Coast's Horizon Festival is back in 2022, presenting in person for the first time since before the pandemic, in 2019.

The festival's full programme of arts, theatre, music, words and ideas will be revealed in June, but a sneak preview of some of the works is here – a preview showcasing three local 'Homegrown' acts presenting work throughout Horizon in 2022.

“'Homegrown' is an initiative we present in partnership with the Regional Arts Development Fund and has grown since its first iteration in 2020,” Festival Director Hannah Clissold says.

“The programme is a platform for local artists to extend and develop their practice, ultimately presenting the work in the festival.

“The quality of applications this year was stronger than ever before, which is so exciting as it speaks volumes to the talent here in the region.”

The three successful acts featuring as part of 'Homegrown' are. . .

Sand Itamar Freed
'Sand' - Image © Itamar Freed

Dr Hope O'Chin (Aunty Hope), who will present 'Guyu And My Friend Mr Pelican'. It's presented by Hope Dreaming Indigenous Corporation and is a children's book telling the Dreamtime story of a boy called Guyu and his friend, Mr Pelican. School students will participate in a reading with Aunty Hope under the trees at Cotton Tree, and the reading will be accompanied by a workshop and activity booklet, exploring Kabi-Kabi language.

Courtney Scheu and Itamar Freed, who will present the premiere performance of 'Sand' – a study of the relationship between body and landscape, and the impacts each have on one another. It exists between reality and a dream-like state, skirting the edges of surrealism and consciousness.

Kerbside Collective who will present 'Eddie Ray – Silence Of The Jams'. . . An epic independent comic film, accompanied by a live band and exploring a visual manifestation of the artist's journey when all is lost. Robots (AKA smartphones) rule the world and live music has come to an end. Eddie must journey to find the weapon which can beat the machines: Music.

These three pieces are not to be missed as part of the wider Horizon Festival programme.

KerbsideCollective Ketakii Jewson Brown
'Eddie Ray – Silence Of The Jams' - Image © Ketakii-Jewson Brown

“For 10 days and nights, the rich and diverse programme will provide hundreds of unique arts experiences,” Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson says.

“Festival goers can look forward to visual art, cultural connection, theatre, dance, words and ideas alongside a variety of performing arts right across the Sunshine Coast.”

Horizon Festival is on from 26 August-4 September.



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