Helga & Friends Kicks Off 2021 In Adelaide – Helga's 5 Favourite Lockdown Activities

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Helga Handfull Helga Handfull

Cabaret performer Helga Handfull will be joined by her cast of colourful characters when she presents 'Helga & Friends' in Adelaide.

In 'Helga & Friends' expect to wine, dine and be entertained in style by the likes of Shelley Dunstone, Daniel Gosling, Kym Mackenzie, JP, The Ukulele Dream Girl and of course, Helga Handfull.

Here, Helga Handfull tells us about five of her favourite things she's been up to in lockdown.


Gardening, not only because I look good in gloves and like making things pretty, but also because I can bury bodies while pretending to dig out a pond. You know I just can't decide where to put that pond.


There's nothing more relaxing than painting my nails and doing my lipstick after a day in the garden, especially as it's been so long since I appeared in public and I have almost forgotten how to do it.


Designing my new merchandise and getting it on my website. This old dog can still pick up a few new tricks. Why not have a piece of me? Everyone else does.


Netflix in moderation helps me lose myself in fantasy, fiction, and occasionally some true life documentaries. 'Rust To Riches', 'Sense8' and 'Abstract' keep me fueled up.


Singing, because it is uplifting, good for the immune system and I never know when I might be called upon to perform. I also get to wear my heels during rehearsals so my legs stay strong and sexy, just the way my audience likes them.

'Helga & Friends' plays Diverse-City (Adelaide) 13 February.



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