Granted By NUDO Dance Company – 5 Things The Dancers Will Never Do Again

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There will always be forces in the world that attempt – and sometimes succeed – to keep us apart.

Fusion dance company NUDO, and Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre (BEMAC), will present 'Granted', addressing the injustice and separation as well as the love and joy of the migrant experience.

It's a celebration of the magic people are able to create regardless of the chaos, fusing together cultural, contemporary and urban dance styles. NUDO is a vessel for sharing dance, culture and friendship. . . And would not exist without migration.

NUDO (meaning 'knot' in Spanish) is a new company, with dreams of shifting the landscape of contemporary dance in Australia.

Here, five of the NUDO Dance Company dancers list things they'll never do again.


Erika Jayne Goldsmith – Dancer & Creative Producer. I will never get on a sailing boat with a captain I know to be currently unstable. I remember a good friend of mine once told me that the sanity of the captain was crucial to the success and safety of the voyage. I didn't listen to him and it nearly ended very badly for me.


Louise Rodrigues – Dancer. I will never eat a raw egg, while hungover, then go on a rollercoaster (the Thunder Dolphin at Tokyo Dome to be exact) again. Because I couldn't eat eggs for about two years after that.


Lauren Sharman – Dancer. Never again will I play the piano after four hours of sleep in front of a room full of strangers. I don't know how to play the piano but I felt inspired to play. I shouldn't have listened to my impulsive thoughts.


Alessandra Palmisano – Dancer. I will never again let my partner arrange the furniture, in particular where to put the kitchen tools. Because I have been looking for the can opener since 2016!


Livia Jurry – Dancer. Never again will I go to a temple in 40 degree heat during a Korean summer after not eating, then agree to do a dance class in the temple hall. Lesson learnt to always bring a mini fan wherever I go.

'Granted' plays Queensland Multicultural Centre 1 December.

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