GLAMAPALOOZA – Harry K On An Event Celebrating And Representing Iconic Brisbane Talents

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Glamour, talent and queer celebration will take over The Tivoli in Brisbane when 'GLAMAPALOOZA' comes to town.

Part of The Tivoli's Open Season programme, 'GLAMAPALOOZA' is a modern take on an iconic era, featuring the remarkable talents of drag queens and queer performers, a dazzling world of glittering disco balls, extravagant costumes and mind-blowing performances.

It's an empowering celebration, putting the vibrant and diverse queer community of Brisbane at centre stage – performances from the likes of Alexis Diamond, Archie Arsenic, Bebe Gunn, Luna Thicc, ShuShu Funtanna, Vollie LaVont and many more.

Whether you're a die-hard drag fan, new to the world of queer performance, or just keen for a colourful night out celebrating incredible talent, 'GLAMAPALOOZA' is for you.

Before this epic night of sheer fabulosity hits The Tivoli, we speak to the event Organiser/Creator Harry K.

'GLAMAPALOOZA' is a celebration of all things QUEER through performance and music. It's a showcase, it's a dance party, it's a get together of everyone who enjoys our queer nightlife, to celebrate together as ONE.

There are a few inspirations like Wigstock and Studio 54. What drew you to these things for inspiration?
Studio 54 was a moment in our history that created a sense of freedom and expression that was required at that time through music, performances and creating that space. It created a SPACE of self expression and escapism. Wigstock was, and still is, a celebration and showcase for drag performers to take over a space for lovers of that craft. Both of these influence a lot of what I create in general, so bringing them together for one event was a bit of a dream project.

There’s quite the selection of performers. How do you curate an event like this?
I'm lucky I get to work with so many amazing performers throughout Brisbane and all around Australia. It's hard to curate a selection for an event like this, but I just looked at what amazing queer events were around town and asked them to put together a showcase to highlight their little space in our community.

What has been the biggest reward in preparing for ‘GLAMAPALOOZA’ so far?
Working with so many amazing performers has been the highlight and bringing them all together under one AMAZING VENUE.


Is there something in particular you were looking for when putting the programme of acts together?
I wanted to put together the biggest representation of what our queer nightlife is like in Brisbane. It's so diverse and so different but somehow we are all cohesive and all of us support each other in our own ways.

Why are events like ‘GLAMAPALOOZA’ important?
Every queer promoter who puts on any queer event creates a beacon into our community. And this beacon shines a light to show everyone there are safe spaces here waiting for you, where you can come and escape from the world and be with your people. Visibility is so important, as it shows everyone who is struggling with their identity, sexuality or finding their place in this crazy world there are others like them. You will find your tribe and feel a sense of belonging which is so important to everyone.

It’s part of The Tivoli’s Open Season programme. What do you like about this venue?
Name a more iconic venue in Brisbane. The TIvoli is one of Brisbane's most iconic concert venues. I've always wanted to work with them and to be able to do this with The Tivoli has been so amazing. Especially working with Dave who is a legend in his field.

Why do you think it’s a perfect addition for Open Season?
It's GLAM. . . It's QUEER. . . It's COLOURFUL. . . It's a PARTY. . . A perfect addition for Open Season.

Describe ‘GLAMAPALOOZA’ using a song lyric of your choice.
Music makes the people come together.

'GLAMAPALOOZA' is on at The Tivoli (Brisbane) 19 August.

This story originally appeared on our queer sister site, FROOTY.

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